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Guilin Attractions

Tour with Top China Travel, you will not miss any top attraction as well as special spot in Guilin. Guilin is a world-famous tourist city and has attracted countless Chinese and foreign visitors. Since ancient times, Guilin enjoyed the reputation of “the mountains and waters of Guilin are the finest under heaven". Karst landscapes such as Lijiang River scenic area, Yulong River scenic area and Xianggongshan Hill for those who are fond of natural scenery; Elephant Trunk Hill and Two River & Four Lakes sitting at downtown Guilin. Karst caves such as Reed Flute Cave, Crown Cave and Silver Cave have become a must-see tourist attraction for Chinese and foreign tourists visiting Guilin; The Longsheng rice terraces are a popular destination for many visitors in Guangxi. It doesn’t matter which kind of attractions you are looking for, Guilin will always fulfill your expectations with surprise.

If you have a few days planed here, those travel sites above are often included in our standard packages and welcomed to be hand-picked at your wish, if you just a transit traveler here as many other international tourists are, don’t worry either, Guilin has plenty to offer for your precious 144-hour visa free space. You can spend a leisure time by losing yourself in this charming city. The following attractions are introduced for your reference.