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Yangshuo Xingping Scenic Area


Xingping Town, Yangshuo County, Guilin, Guangxi, China

Reasons to visit

Enjoying the beautiful Li River landscape and ancient villages

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Xingping Town was built in 1506. Xingping is more a castle than a town. It is said that this castle was forbidden to enter. People who had gone into there were hardly to find the exit as well. It was the center of Yangshuo County until Yangshuo Town was setup in 590. It has been the most important town beside the Li River for over 1700 years.

A highlight of Li River Cruise

Scenery of Yangshuo Xingping is a highlight of Guilin Li River Cruise. The famous scene Xingping district has been printed on the 20 Yuan RMB. More than 20 scenic spots along this period will lead you know the essential charms of Li River because most of Li River photos are taken in this period. Xingping famous scenic area includes
【Nine Horses Painted Hill】It is a karst hill painted with red, yellow, green, white colors so that it is got Painted Hill. And viewing this hill on the cruise ship, it is looked like formed with nine horses in different postures.
【Reflection of Yellow Cloth Bund】there is a sentence says, the essential beautiful section of Li river is the reflection in the river, while the most beautiful reflection is the part in Yellow Cloth Bund.
【Scenery printed on 20 Yuan RMB】the hill printed on the 20 Yuan RMB is called Yuan Bao Hill. In Chinese, “yuan bao” means money. And the shape of this hill is also looked like “yuan bao” which was only used in the ancient time.
【Xingping Ancient Town】an ancient town welcomed the former residence Cliton in 1998

Xingping Ancient Town

【Former President Clinton and Xingping Ancient Town】 In 1998 July, the former president Clinton had been visited this ancient village when in his Li River cruise. After this experience, Xingping became more popular with foreign travelers. Following the footprint of former president, the extremely beautiful hills and rivers will lead visitors enter into a fantastic world.
【Xingping Ancient Street Xingping Ancient Street is a one-kilometer-long stone road, from the northeastern Xingping to Li River Banyan Tree pool. In the ancient time, businessmen came and went, traded with each other in this street. Brick buildings along this street make visitor to image about the past prosperity in this street. Now it turns into a quiet street for people to get rid of the metropolis.
How to Get There】 Twenty-five kilometres to Yangshuo Town, Xingping is conveniently located. There are frequent bus services between the two centers.

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