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China Travel Enquiry and Reply

Shirley Bee ( Chinese, Taiwan ) Nov 05 ,2022


How to obtain train schedules & prices for various starting points and destinations

Kristian ( German ) Aug 08 ,2022


Hi, with great interest I have read the article: Hangzhou thousands of islets diving trip. Is there a possibility to book a trip, or a diving school organizing a dive? thank you Kristian

Zhi Feng ( United States ) Jul 01 ,2022


Is US citizen allowed to travel to Macau for tourism as of July 1st, 2022? Thank you!

Sheng Wan ( USA ) Jun 01 ,2021


Hi, are Tibet tours open for foreigners including US citizens who are living in China and have valid visas/residence permits now? Thank you!

Alice ( US ) May 31 ,2021


I live in Florida, United State. I understand that the Chinese Embassy requires the submission for Chinese Visa application by an agency. Do you handle this type services and how much is the fee you charge?

Wan ( British ) Mar 28 ,2021


How much to get 30 days entry without visa?Do I need to book flight and hotel with you or I can book elsewhere?

Robert Soong ( U.S.A. ) Mar 22 ,2021


How may I buy China train tickets from you in U.S. dollars?

Lara ( Brazil ) Mar 15 ,2021


Hi, I would like to check how much it is to hire a private car from Xiamen to Nanjing Tulou on April 3rd, with 2 people. Thanks in advance.

Havrland ( Czech ) Mar 08 ,2021


is it possible to travel the whole Great Silk Road from China to Istambul or vice versa by car? Many thanks for your prompt answer.

Ka Siew Tee ( Malaysia ) Feb 15 ,2021


I would like to book transfer service from Jiuzhaigou airport to Jiuzaigou Scenic Area with tour guide. How much would it costs?