China Travel Enquiry and Reply

York ( German ) December 28,2020

I want to know if there is a direct bus from Cixi to Zhoushan and if so, please let me know the daily schedule and departure bus station
Thanks in advance!

Elena ( Spanish ) September 21,2020

Hi, we are a couple that we would like to go to Dunhuang Yadan National Geologic Park by bus, only 1 day round trip, on Sunday, 4th October. what kind of options there are? thank you

cindy chimonides ( Canada ) September 15,2020

Do I need to join a tour group to visit Jiuzhaigou? Can I buy tickets on line? What is the best area to stay that is close to the entrance?

Rafal Lukasik ( Poland ) September 12,2020

I stay in Xi'an Westin Hotel, I looking for 1 day trip to see hukou Waterfall on Monday September 14, can you please advise if you could organized for me this trip (1x person)

Lia Winfieldale ( British ) September 02,2020

Do you have any combined Qinghai + Gansu tour for Golden week Oct 1-10th?

cindy chimonides ( canadian ) September 02,2020

can you finish the whole national park in 2 days? The best place to stay in Zhangjiajie?

cindy chimonides ( canadian ) September 02,2020

what time does the park open in the morning?

cindy chimonides ( canadian ) September 01,2020

what is the best way to go to Yading Nature Reserve from Yunnan?

ASNAN AMRAN ( MALAYSIA ) August 26,2020

Appreciate you suggest itinerary for Guilin, Jiuzhsaigou and Zhanye for six days. Eating can be done via travelling. travelling.. shortest possible time

Anthony Mallette ( Canadian ) August 15,2020

My mother in law has suffered a stroke and is in the hospital in Shenyang. My wife, a Chinese national who is a Canadian citizen is contemplating going to Shenyang to see her. My question is twofold. a) will she be able to quarentine for 14 days in Shenyang. b) Once in Shenyang will she be allowed to visit the hospital or will she be restricted as a Canadian citizen.