China Travel Feedbacks & Tour Reviews

China Giant Panda Tour from Ireland

Client: Ms.Isobel Mahon

Nationality: Irish

Pax: 5

Group Code: TCT-RH-FIT-190118

Itinerary: Beijing-Xian-Chengdu-Guilin-Shanghai

Sweet 13 Days China Tour for Australia Couple

Client: Mr. Goce Dimeski

Nationality: Australia

Pax: 2

Group Code: TCT-LL-FIT-181216

Itinerary: Beijng-Xian-Guilin-Shanghai-Beijing

Tracing Origins Trip Around Shenzhen

Client: Mr.Tony Sim

Nationality: Malaysia

Pax: 6

Group Code: TCT-RQ-FIT-181215

Itinerary: Shenzhen-Zhaoan-Shaoguan-Shenzhen

Two Week Private Tour of China

Client: Mr.Estevao Thiesen

Nationality: Belgium

Pax: 2

Group Code: TCT-LL-FIT-181104

Itinerary: Beijing-Zhangjiajie-Fenghuang-Guilin-Chengdu-Diqing-Lijiang-Shanghai

13 Days Great China Wide Tour

Client: Mr.Antonello Supino

Nationality: United Arab Emirates

Pax: 2

Group Code: TCT-LL-FIT-181026

Itinerary: Beijing-Xian--Hangzhou-Shanghai-Zhangjiajie-Changsha-Guilin-HongKong

19 Days China Tour with Yangtze River Cruise

Client: Mr.Yazdi Khambatta

Nationality: India

Pax: 3

Group Code: TCT-RH-FIT-181019

Itinerary: Xian-Chongqing-Yangtze River-Yichang-Shanghai-Guilin-Guangzhou-Beijing

14 days China group tour from United States


Nationality: United States

Pax: 2

Group Code: TCT-GT-YY-181016A

Itinerary: Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Chongqing-Yangtze River Cruise-Shanghai

Beijing and Guilin Tour from India

Client: Anuj Garg

Nationality: India

Pax: 10

Group Code: TCT-JT-FIT-181014

Itinerary: Beijing-Guilin

Join a Small China Group Tour plus Yangtze River Cruise

Client: Ms.Lynette Dunham

Nationality: Australia

Pax: 6

Group Code: TCT-GT-JT-181016D

Itinerary: Beijing-Xian-Chongqing-Yichang-Shanghai

Fantastic One Month South China Tour

Client: Becky & Todd

Nationality: United Kingdom

Pax: 2

Group Code: TCT-LL-FIT-181008

Itinerary: Beijing-Zhangjiajie-Fenghuang-Guilin-Yangshuo-Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Zhongdian-Kunming

Best China Tour for a Spanish Couple

Client: Sara Garcia

Nationality: Spain

Pax: 2

Group Code: TCTVC-MG-FIT-181003

Itinerary: Beijing-Xi'an-Guilin-Hangzhou-Suzhou-Shanghai

Splendid 6 Days Beijing Panorama Tour

Client: Ms.Linda Kapani

Nationality: Papua New Guinea

Pax: 28

Group Code: TCT-LL-FIT-180916

Itinerary: Beijing

3 Days Essence of Xi'an Tour

Client: Ms.Deborah

Nationality: Chile

Pax: 2

Group Code: TCT-JT-FIT-180915B

Itinerary: Xian

Sole Tour to China from USA

Client: Mr.Mohamed Hakim

Nationality: United States

Pax: 1

Group Code: TCT-LL-FIT-180903

Itinerary: Xian-Luoyang-Dengfeng-Zhengzhou-Shiyan-Mt. Wudang-Shiyan-Wuhan-Guilin-Yangshuo-Xian

Travel to China plus Hong Kong for 14 Days

Client: Mr.Paul Holbert

Nationality: US

Pax: 6

Group Code: TCT-JC-FIT-180902

Itinerary: Beijing-Shanghai-Laibin-HongKong