Singapore Tours

Singapore Tours


Map of SingaporeThe Republic of Singapore, referred to Singapore, formerly Sing Chau or Sing Island, is also known as the Lion City. It is located at the southernmost tip of the Malay Peninsula in Asia, bordering Malaysia on the north and neighboring to Indonesia on the south across the sea.

Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world, with a land area of only 724.4 square kilometers, even smaller than Hong Kong. However, in such a "pocket" country, it breeds the richest exotic culture. The Chinese style of Chinatown, the colorfulness of Little India, the Middle Eastern characteristics of Kampong Glam, as well as the European and American style of Holland Village all show the diverse cultural essence of this immigrant country.

Singapore, known as the "Garden City", perfectly combines the beauty of nature with the modern city. The flowers and grasses everywhere in Singapore change people's impression of a city. You can enjoy the countless amusement rides on the happy Sentosa Island, or you can go shopping on Orchard Road with more than 100 shopping malls. The Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari located in the northern rainforest is the first choice for a family trip. The Marina Bay at night is a good place to take photos with the landmark Marina Bay Sands and the Merlion Statue. Singapore Flyer, the world ’s tallest Ferris wheel, can also provide a panoramic view of the entire Marina Bay.

It is suitable to travel in Singapore all year round except September. The climate difference in Singapore throughout the year is very small. It is only divided into two seasons, dry season and rainy season. The average temperature is between 23℃ and 34 ℃, and with a very small temperature difference between day and night. The dry season in Singapore is from March to August, with clear sky and temperatures often exceeding 30 ° C. Tourists who like shopping can come to Singapore in June and July, when is the shopping discount season, and shopping malls often offer a great discount to attract tourists. Singapore's food festivals are held in April and July. At this time, there are food tasting events at Clarke Quay, Chinatown and many other attractions. Tourists who want to taste Southeast Asian food should not miss it. Due to the impact of straw burning throughout Indonesia in September, Singapore's air quality is very poor and visibility is low because of smog shrouding. You are not recommended to visit Singapore at this period. The rainy season is from October to next February. It rains almost every day, but the duration is not long. As long as you bring rain gear, it will have little effect on your travel. Christmas at the end of the year is also a discount season for shopping malls. Meanwhile, tourists can also experience the Christmas atmosphere in the tropics.

Singapore is small and the attractions are relatively concentrated, therefore, 4-5 days traveling in Singapore is enough. Singapore's consumption is considered high among Southeast Asian countries. In particular, hotel expenses generally account for more than half of your total consumption when you are traveling in Singapore. Since many attractions in Singapore are free to visit, it is helpful for saving some money to a certain extent. Having meals at restaurants is slightly more expensive and you are required a 10% service charge. However, Singapore has many affordable roadside stands or hawker centers for your selection. In Singapore, traveling by mass transit, such as buses and subways, is the most convenient and affordable.