All China City Tours

Image Tour Code Tour Name Destinations
TCT-Beijing-01 4 Days Best Beijing Tour Beijing
TCT-Beijing-02 3 Days Beijing Visa Free Tour Beijing
TCT-Beijing-03 5 Days Beijing Family Tour Beijing
TCT-Beijing-04 6 Days Beijing and Chengde Tour Beijing, Chengde
TCT-Beijing-05 7 Days Beijing Great Wall Hiking Tour Beijing, Huangyaguan Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall, Huanghuacheng Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall
TCT-Beijing-06 5 Days Beijing Budget Tour Beijing
TCT-Beijing-07 6 Days Beijing Panorama Tour Beijing
TCT-Beijing-08 6 Days Beijing Tour from Tianjin Beijing, Tianjin
TCT-Beijing-09 4 Days Beijing Essence with Stunning Night View of Great Wall Beijing
TCT-Chengdu-01 4 Days Best Chengdu Tour Chengdu
TCT-Chengdu-02 4 Days Chengdu, Dujiangyan and Mt. Qingcheng Tour Chengdu, Dujiangyan
TCT-Chengdu-03 4 Days Chengdu Tour with Giant Panda Volunteer Program Chengdu
TCT-Chongqing-01 4 Days Chongqing Dazu Rock Carvings Tour Chongqing
TCT-Chongqing-02 3 Days Chongqing to Wulong Tour Chongqing-Wulong
TCT-Dali-01 4 Days Best Dali Tour Dali
TCT-Dalian-01 3 Days Dalian Essence Tour Dalian
TCT-Datong-01 6 Days Datong, Pingyao and Taiyuan Tour Datong, Pingyao, Taiyuan
TCT-Datong-02 5 Days Datong and Mt. Wutai Tour Datong, Mt. Wutai
TCT-Dunhuang-01 4 Days Best Dunhuang Tour Dunhuang
TCT-Fujian-01 5 Days Xiapu Photography Tour Xiapu
TCT-Guangzhou-01 3 Days Guangzhou Essence Tour Guangzhou
TCT-Guangzhou-02 4 Days Guangzhou and Shenzhen Tour Guangzhou, Shenzhen
TCT-Guangzhou-03 5 Days Tour from Guangzhou to Guilin Guangzhou, Guilin
TCT-Guangzhou-04 5 Days Guangzhou to Zhangjiajie Tour Guangzhou, Zhangjiajie
TCT-Guangzhou-05 2 Days Kaiping Diaolou and Foshan Tour from Guangzhou Guangzhou, Kaiping Diaolou & Villages, Foshan
TCT-Guilin-01 3 Days Guilin Essence Tour Guilin-Yangshuo-Guilin
TCT-Guilin-02 4 Days Best Guilin tour to Yangshuo and Longji Terraces Guilin, Yangshuo, Longsheng
TCT-Guilin-03 5 Days Panoramic Guilin Tour with Yangshuo & Longji Guilin, Yangshuo, Longsheng
TCT-Guilin-04 6 Days Guilin Hiking Tour Guilin, Longsheng, Yangshuo
TCT-Guilin-05 4 Days Guilin Budget Tour Guilin-Yangshuo-Longsheng-Guilin
TCT-Guilin-06 6 Days Guilin, Longji and Sanjiang Tour Guilin, Yangshuo, Longsheng, Sanjiang
TCT-Guilin-07 4 Days Guilin and Yangshuo Life Experience Tour Guilin, Yangshuo
TCT-Guilin-08 4 Days the Vigor of Guilin Guilin, Yangshuo
TCT-Hangzhou-01 4 Days Hangzhou and Wuzhen Water Town Tour Hangzhou-Wuzhen-Hangzhou
TCT-Hangzhou-02 3 Days Hangzhou City Essence Tour Hangzhou
TCT-Hangzhou-03 2 Days Hangzhou to Putuoshan Island Tour Hangzhou, Putuoshan Island
TCT-Harbin-01 Harbin Ice and Snow Festival Tour Harbin
TCT-Harbin-02 5 Days Harbin & China Snow Town Tour Harbin, China Snow Town
TCT-Harbin-03 4 Days Changbai Mountain Summer Tour Changbai Mountain
TCT-Hohhot-01 4 Days Best Hohhot Grassland Tour Hohhot-Xilamuren Grassland-Hohhot
TCT-Hong Kong-01 4 Days Hong Kong Culture Tour Hong Kong
TCT-Hong Kong-02 4 Days Classic Hong Kong Bus Tour Hong Kong
TCT-Hong Kong-03 4 Days Hong Kong and Macau Discovery Tour Hong Kong, Macau
TCT-Huangshan-01 4 Days Mt. Huangshan Highlight Tour Mt. Huangshan, Xidi Village, Hongcun Village
TCT-Huangshan-02 4 Days Huangshan to Wuyuan Photo Tour Mt. Huangshan, Wuyuan
TCT-Huangshan-03 5 Days Huangshan & Xin’an River Trekking Tour Huangshan City, Xin’an River, Mt. Huangshan
TCT-Huangshan-04 Half Day Group Tour to visit Hongcun Village Hongcun Village
TCT-Huangshan-05 Amazing Mt. Huangshan One Day Group Tour Mt. Huangshan
TCT-Huangshan-06 3 Days Classic Mt. Huangshan Tour Mt. Huangshan, Lingshan Village, Tunxi Ancient Street
TCT-Huangshan-07 4 Days Culture Experience Tour with Mt. Huangshan Tangmo Village, Lingshan Village, Mt. Huangshan, Hongcun Village
TCT-Jinan-01 5 Days Tour from Jinan to Mt. Taishan and Qufu Jinan, Mt. Taishan, Qufu
TCT-Jinan-02 6 Days Jinan and Qingdao Tour Jinan, Mt.Taishan, Qingdao
TCT-Jingdezhen-01 6 Days Jingdezhen and Mt. Huangshan Tour Jingdezhen, Wuyuan, Mt. Huangshan
TCT-Kunming-01 4 Days Kunming and Stone Forest Tour Kunming
TCT-Lhasa-01 4 Days Best Lhasa Tour Lhasa
TCT-Lhasa-02 5 Days Tour from Lhasa to Yamdrok Lake Lhasa, Yamdrok Lake
TCT-Lijiang-01 3 Days Best Lijiang Tour Lijiang
TCT-Lijiang-02 6 Days Lijiang Tour to Lugu Lake Lijiang, Lugu Lake
TCT-Luoyang-01 4 Days Luoyang and Shaolin Temple Tour Luoyang, Dengfeng Shaolin Temple
TCT-Nanjing-01 6 Days Tour from Nanjing to Suzhou & Shanghai Nanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai
TCT-Nanning-01 5 Days Nanning Panoramic Tour to Bama County Nanning, Detian Waterfall, Bama County
TCT-Pingyao-01 4 Days Tour from Taiyuan to Pingyao Taiyuan, Pingyao
TCT-Sanya-01 6 Days Sanya Leisure Vacation Sanya
TCT-Shanghai-01 3 Days Best Shanghai and Zhujiajiao Water Town Tour Shanghai
TCT-Shanghai-02 5 Days Shanghai and Hangzhou Tour Shanghai, Hangzhou
TCT-Shanghai-03 7 Days Tour from Shanghai to Huangshan Shanghai, Mt. Huangshan, Hongcun Village
TCT-Shanghai-04 5 Days Shanghai and Suzhou Tour Shanghai, Suzhou, Tongli Water Town
TCT-Shanghai-05 4 Days Shanghai to Putuoshan Island Tour Shanghai, Putuoshan Island (Ningbo)
TCT-Shangri-la-01 4 Days Best Shangri-la Tour Shangri-la
TCT-Shenzhen-01 4 Days Shenzhen City and OCT East Tour Shenzhen
TCT-Suzhou-01 3 Days Suzhou Essence Tour Suzhou
TCT-Suzhou-02 4 Days Suzhou and Wuxi Highlight Tour Suzhou, Wuxi
TCT-Tianjin-01 2 Days Tianjin Cultural Tour Tianjin
TCT-Tianjin-02 3 Days Tianjin City Tour Tianjin
TCT-Wuhan-01 5 Days Wudang Mountain Tour Wuhan, Mount Wudang
TCT-Xiamen-01 5 Days Xiamen City and Tulou Tour Xiamen
TCT-Xiamen-02 5 Days Xiamen and Mt. Wuyishan Tour Xiamen, Mt. Wuyishan
TCT-Xian-01 4 Days Xian Highlight Tour Xian
TCT-Xian-02 4 Days Xian and Mt. Huashan Tour Xian, Mt. Huashan
TCT-Xining-01 4 Days Xining Highlight Tour Xining
TCT-Xining-02 4 Days Qinghai Lake & Chaka Salt Lake Light Biking Tour Xining, Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake
TCT-Xining-03 5 Days Xining Explore Inside Xining, Gold & Silver Grassland, Qinghai Lake, Chaka, Kanbula National Forest Park
TCT-Xishuangbanna-01 4 Days Xishuangbanna Minority Tour Xishuangbanna
TCT-Yinchuan-01 4 Days Yinchuan Highlight Tour Yinchuan
TCT-Yinchuan-02 5 Days Yinchuan and Zhongwei Panorama Tour Yinchuan, Zhongwei
TCT-Zhangjiajie-01 4 Days Zhangjiajie Highlight Tour Zhangjiajie
TCT-Zhangjiajie-02 5 Days Tour from Changsha to Zhangjiajie Changsha, Zhangjiajie
TCT-Zhangjiajie-03 5 Days Zhangjiajie & Fenghuang Tour Zhangjiajie-Fenghuang
TCT-Zhangjiajie-04 7 Days Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang & Mountain Fanjing Tour Zhangjiajie-Fenghuang-Fanjingshan
TCT-Zhangye-01 4 Days Zhangye Danxia Landform Tour Zhangye