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Thailand mapThailand, formerly called Siam, is a famous tourist country in Southeast Asia, with Laos and Cambodia to the east, Gulf of Siam and Malaysia to the south, and Burma and the Andaman Sea to the west. It is known as a "Smile Country," which has become one of the favorite travel destinations for tourists in the world.


No matter a splendid temple, a strong religious atmosphere, a clear-sand beach or its exotic history and culture adds a unique charm to Thailand. The locals’ friendly and comfortable Thai smile and the enthusiastic & meticulous service bring visitors a warm sense of belonging. Delicious Thai snacks, creative and natural desserts, and the cheap but various seafood are also good reasons for visitors to travel and linger on in Thailand. Thailand is a magical country that allows everyone to find their most suitable holiday there.


The most popular tourist destinations in Thailand are Chiang Mai and Pai in the north; Sunny islands in the south such as Koh Samui and Phuket, as well as the fashionable and modern capital Bangkok in the center, the ancient capital Ayuttaya and the “Oriental Hawaii” city Pattaya.


The best time to visit Thailand is from November to next April. It can be divided into 3 seasons there: hot season (May-May), rainy season (June-October), and cool season (January-February). The annual average temperature is around 25°C. It is cool from November to next March, which is the tourist high season in Thailand.  The hottest time in Thailand is from April to May, when the temperature can reach 40 ℃. But the most interesting Songkran Festival is in April (April 13-15), when tourists can experience the most authentic Thai New Year. It goes to rainy season from June to October, but it is generally concentrated in the evening, so it won’t affect the daytime trip too much.


Thai Baht (THB) is the official currency of Thailand. The unit is Baht. There are five denominations of banknotes, respectively 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 Baht. Besides, There are seven denominations of coins in circulation, like 5, 10, 20, 50 Satang and 1, 5, 10 Baht. 1 Baht is equal to 100 Satang.


Tipping in Thailand varies by region. Only the islands (Pattaya, Phuket, etc.) are greatly influenced by European and American cultures. Therefore, when you travel to those islands, remember to tip for service. Generally people tip at least 20 Bhat per time. Tipping is not required elsewhere. But if you are particularly satisfied with the service, you can also give a certain tip as an incentive. Many high-end restaurants in Thailand charge 7% -10% of the consumption as a service fee. At this time, guests do not have to tip.

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