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China Travel Enquiry and Reply

amna ( Pakistan ) Nov 01 ,2019


price of package? and how many things will be include in this package.

Weng Seng ( Malaysian ) Nov 01 ,2019


how do I book the ticket online? I can't find official website for ticket reservation. Thank You.

BEL ( SINGAPORE ) Nov 01 ,2019


I'm looking for guide to hike route 1 and 2 in Wuyi Shan on 14th and 15th Nov, wonder if you provide such service?

Roongtip ( Thai ) Oct 29 ,2019


Hello, I would like to go to Xitang by bus from Shanghai railways station. How can I buy the ticket in advance? At ticket counter or on the website.

Branden Gordineer ( United States ) Oct 26 ,2019


I would love to visit Furong Town from Chengdu.

Craig Slaughter ( USA ) Oct 25 ,2019


Which section of the Great Wall is best for hiking? I am interested in a one or two day hike the Great Wall on November 9-10. I am traveling alone.

ajeshwan chandra ( AUS ) Oct 23 ,2019


I need 2 days tour on 09/10 and 10/10, and want to visit the Great Wall of china and Forbidden City.

Ting Hua Siong ( Malaysia ) Oct 21 ,2019


Which is the easiest way to climb anyone of the peak at Mt Hua Shan? I mean only to one peak.

Isabella ( Korean ) Oct 21 ,2019


Hi, I would like to ask about the price for 2 people to join a group tour to Nanjing Tulou for a 1 day tour on 29/11/19. Thank you

moty lahav ( israeli ) Oct 19 ,2019


Is it possible to get a nightly sightseeing tour of Shenzhen, starting at 23:00? we are a couple, supposed to have a long connection at Shenzhen airport. Thanks and Regards, Moty