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Luoshan Lake Water Park


Beside Luoshan Reservoir, Lingui District, Guilin City

Reasons to visit

AAAA Scenic Area a large-scale theme water park in Guilin

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Opening Hours

  • 9:30-18:00(day), 16:00~22:00(night)

Guilin Luoshan Lake Water Park is a large-scale theme water park with family and children activities, sightseeing and leisure as the main theme. It is located next to Luoshan Reservoir in Lingui District, Guilin City, and covers an area of nearly 400 acres. It is 25 kilometers from the urban area, 5 kilometers from Lingui District and 2 km from the Liangjiang airport.


Luoshan Lake Water Park covers 15 large-scale equipment and many of the most advanced water park system equipment in China. It is generally divided into baby waters parent-child activity area, mountain water skiing adventure area, surfing and leisure area. The area of ​​parent-child activity area is 20984 m2, with family parent-child activities, sightseeing and leisure as the main functions. The forest is the base, the equipment is the supplement, the project is linked, and the theme amusement activities are the clues to create a joyful, passionate and fragrant water city landscape space.

Entertainment Facility

【Super Loudspeaker】大喇叭

Super loudspeaker is the best new project in the international tourism industry in recent years. It is one of must to play. Friends or family members sit in a four-leaf clover float at one time, and slide down from a six-storey platform, like being sucked into a giant horn by a tornado. During the fast taxi, everyone will cheer as soon as possible. The big speaker will let your voice spread to the entire park, and the Luoshan Lake Park.


【Small Horn】小喇叭

The "small horn" specially designed for children is similar in shape to the "big horn", but is only 8 meters high, which is totally suitable for children to play. There is also a double floating ring design for tourists, which is especially suitable for parents and children to ride together, so that you can experience real happiness.


【The Tsunami Pool】海啸池

The tsunami pool is the most thrilling water amusement project in the park. With the cheerful rhythm of the DJ, the turbulent surging of the "tsunami" is reproduced realistically, dancing your body and welcoming the coming of the super violent waves. The tsunami pool allows you to release your passion in the water and enjoy the endless fun of the waves beating your body.

【Large Water Village】大型水寨

Large water village set water gun, bucket, seesaw and other play facilities for integration, there are open chute and closed chute. After a wooden bucket above the roof is filled with water every 8 minutes, about 1 ton of water pours down. The majestic momentum is comparable to the state of the poet, "waterfalls flying down 3000 feet".


【Tidal Rafting River】潮汐漂流河

With a total length of 680 meters and nine twists and turns, the drifting river makes you feel like being on the river and you will feel refreshing and pleasant.


【Water Roller Coaster】水上过山车

Crazy Water Roller coaster, a game designed only for the brave. Put yourself down at a high place and find a “new” self at a low place. Imagine that you rushed down from a six-story platform close to the almost vertical slide at a speed of 7 meters per second. What memory can you leave besides the ultimate stimulation?

【Big Skateboard Slide】大滑板滑梯

Climb to a 20-meter high-altitude platform, along the almost vertical slide, cross the slide at high speed to the bottom of the valley, you can experience the peak moment of free fall. At the moment of weightlessness, you can experience the thrill of heaven and earth and the passion of time and space reversal.


【Spiral Combination Slide】螺旋组合滑梯

In the specially designed double-floating ring, visitors pass through the 105-meter semi-open and semi-closed slide, and then pass through the curved pipe to rush into the pool below, which is suitable for family and friends to experience together.

【Wave Pool】造浪池

Visitors can lay down on the specially designed floating ring to float along the river and relax themselves. In addition, the river will also provide a unique 200-meter-long rapid drift area, 9 wave-making modes, which can form a wave of 1.5 meters in height, as if surfing in the sea. After the wave is finished, it is a calm and relaxing period, and tourists can swim in the pool. It is especially suitable for the whole family to experience together.


【Octopus Slide】章鱼滑梯 

The colorful slide of the octopus slide looks like eight dancing streamers from a distance. With friends, follow the interlaced "streamers" and "fly" in the water!

How to get there

Passengers can take the following bus routes to Luoshan Lake Water World. 1) Passengers can take the No. 1 East Line at Crystal City (East Ring Road, Crystal City Junction) and Fengdan Liyuan (Shanghai Road). The Departure time is 9 am, 10 am, 11:30 pm, 13:30 pm, 15:30 pm, 16:30 pm. 2) There are also shuttle buses to Luohu Water World from Qunzhong Road, Jinshan Square and Qintan Bus Station.

Travel tips

Chinese name: 罗山湖水上乐园

Entrance ticket: 180 yuan

Opening hours: 9:30-18:00(day), 16:00~22:00(night)

Inquiry hotline: 400-0773-626

Best time to visit: April-October

Location: Beside Luoshan Reservoir, Lingui District, Guilin City

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