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Mao’er Mountain


Huajiang Yao Minority Township, Xing 'an County, Guilin

Reasons to visit

No.1 peak in Guangxi and South China

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Opening Hours

  • 08:00~17:00

Mao’er Mountain is the main peak of the Yuecheng Mountain of the Nanling Mountains, with an elevation of 2141.5 meters. It is not only the No.1 peak of Guangxi, but also the No.1 peak in South China. It was named “Mao’er Mountain” because the shape of the peak is just like a crouching cat.


Mao’er Mountain Nature Reserve is located in the north of Guilin, 110 kilometers away from the urban area. It spans three counties of Xing'an, Ziyuan and Longsheng, covering an area of 17,008 hectares. In 1990, the famous writer LU Dingyi wrote an inscription on the stela of Lao Shan Jie, to praise that the Mao’er Mountain possesses “the majesty of Mount Tai, the danger of Mount Hua, the serene of Mount Lu, and the beauty of Mount E’mei”.

Mao’er Mountain is the birthplace of Lijiang River and Zijiang River. It suitable for tourism all year round. In Mao’er Mountain scenic area, you can enjoy flowers in spring, escape the heat in summer, climb the mountain in autumn, and admire the snow in winter. It is a great place for sightseeing, adventure, and summer vacation.

History of development

Mao’er Mountain was folded into a mountain in the Cambrian period, and after being eroded and flattened, it rose again during the Caledonian movement. Both the Yanshan Movement and the Himalayan Movement have bulged, and it is an ancient mountain in Guangxi. The strata are mainly Late Caledonian granites and Paleozoic metamorphic rocks, followed by Sinian metamorphic rocks and Yanshanian granites.


In 1993, the former Guilin Regional Tourism Bureau and Xing'an County Tourism Bureau jointly developed Mao’er Mountain, with an initial investment of 1.16 million yuan, and completed 6 small scenic spots such as Shanmen, Azalea Park, Hemlock Park, Laoshanjie, Alpine Park, and Shili Canyon, with a total of 26 scenic spots.

In 1997, the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Xing'an County, the former Guilin Forestry Bureau, and the Xing'an County Power Supply Bureau jointly invested 7 million yuan to build Mao’er Mountain Summer Resort, with a construction area of 4,200 square meters.

Geographic Feature

Mao’er Mountain is located at the junction of Zhongfeng Township and Huajiang Yao Township of Xing'an County, and it goes from northeast to southwest. The forests on the mountain are lush and the vegetation is vertically distributed. The forest area is about 5300 hectares. It has been classified as a nature reserve. There is a natural ecological positioning observation station in the forest area. A TV relay station is set up on the main peak. It is a new eco-tourism resort in South China in recent years.

Mao’er Mountain is an autonomous region-level nature reserve and belongs to the type of forest ecosystem. The main objects of protection are the typical evergreen broad-leaved forest ecosystem and hemlock, water conservation forests.

Natural Resources

Mao’er Mountain is an alpine scenic spot with 112 species of rare animals and 1,436 species of wild plants, including 36 species of rhododendrons. The famous hemlock tree is a precious tree species left over from the Ice Age. It is known as the "living fossil" of plant kingdom together with metasequoia and ginkgo.


Another famous Tertiary relic plant, the most representative primitive species of Orchidaceae-Liriodendron, is preserved in a certain amount in the northwest ditch of Mao’er Mountain. Twenty rare species of the newly recorded plants in Guangxi, including red-leafwood ginger, Euonymus japonicus, cuckoo long-studded rhododendron, eroded viburnum, and heterophylla can be found here. It is a good place for you to travel and relax!

Tourism Resources

Maoershan's unique mountain environment and climatic conditions have formed many gorgeous meteorological landscapes. Its sunrise, sunset, sea of clouds, smoky rain, ice and snow are all of great landscape value. The weather on the mountain is changing rapidly and unpredictably. There are often smoky mountains and valleys with wind and clouds. In winter, snow falls on Mao’er Mountain every year, accompanied by spectacles of fog and mist. The top of the mountain is surrounded by white snow.


The "Huilong Temple" on Mao’er Mountain, formerly known as An Tang Ping, began during the Zhenguan Period in the Tang Dynasty (627-649 AD). At that time, in order to recognize the meritorious deeds of the dragon, to bless the living beings of the world, the government invested to build it. After that, for praying for blessings, fame and flourishing incense, it attracted pilgrims from all directions to fight for blessing. The local people often said: "A fragrant incense in Huilong Temple, the whole family is healthy."

Best time to visit

The average annual temperature of Mao’er Mountain is 14 ℃, the climate is mild, and the four seasons are clear. It is suitable for tourism all year round.


How to get there

1. Take the bus No. 1, 100, or 99 to Qunzhong Road in Guilin, and then take the Guilin-Mao’er Mountain bus at Xing'an Shuttle Bus Parking Lot at the Qunzhong intersection of Arctic Plaza (departure at 10:30, 15:30 every day).

2. Take the Guilin-Xing'an bus, get off at Baizhupu station (Zibai Road Intersection), and take the shuttle from Baizhupu to Gaozhai, which is at the foot of Mao’er Mountain.


Travel Tips

English name: Mao’er Mountain or Cat Mountain

Chinese name: 猫儿山

Entrance ticket: 180 yuan

Opening hours: 08:00~17:00

Recommended time to visit: 2-4 hours

Location: northwest of Xing'an county, Guilin

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