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Ten Mile Gallery


Yangshuo County, Guilin

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Must see attractions in Yangshuo, Guilin, providing picturesque view of mountains and water in Guilin

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  • 9:00-18:00

Ten-Mile Gallery is a countryside road with a beautiful scenery, and the picture-like scenery that only heaven can make gives people a fantasy that they are in a fairyland. The gallery stretches from Yangshuo outskirt to Moon Hill, and there are many attractions scattering along the road. When you travle along the road and watch those sceneries, you may have a feeling that you are in a gallery and those sceneries are moving away one by one, and you are keen to see them.Ten-Mile Gallery is suitable to a leisure tour and bicycle may be the best transportation for your sightseeing.



Scenic spots, Totem Ancient Path, Butterfly Spring Park, Big Banyan Tree, Assembling Dragon Cave, Golden Water Cave and Moon Hill, scatter along the road from the beginning to the end. Starting from the south outskirts of Yangshuo county, you are ready to enjoy this trip. The first stop is Totem Ancient Path, and this scenic spot presents primitive life of ancestors, and presents Zengpi cave culture and ethnic customs. It displays primitive living scenes and ancient articles like stoneware, pottery wares, totem post, bow and crossbow. In here, you may see the performers in ancient dress and with a dark skin, who sing songs and dance about fishing and hunting, and play drums, and they speak in a language you couldn’t understand, and you may have an experience about the ancient people’s lifesytle, hunting, religion, and Zengpi cave culture in Guilin.


Totem Ancient Path

The second scenic spot is Butterfly Spring Park. Before you enter this scenic spot, you can see a huge butterfly attached to the rock of the mountain. Inside the scenic spot, there are a primitive suspension bridge, waterfall, observation park of alive butterfly, karst cave and ethnic performances. The suspension bridge is the only primitive in Yangshuo, when you walking on the bridge, it would swing from one side to another side. The original ethnic performances include songs of the Dong people, and dances of the Miao people.

Moving forward, you will come Gongnong bridge. Here is the junction of the Yulong river and Jinbao river, one of its branches. On the bridge, you would have a view of Yulong river, and capture the beautiful scenery of Yulong river at sunset and sunrise. Along Yulong river, bamboo raft tour is available for river scenery.

The third stop is Big Banyan Tree. This scenic spot has a huge banyan tree of more than one thousand years. Its age is almost the same with the age of Yangshuo county. The banyan tree is lush and grows at the riverbank of Jinbao river, and it has a girth of seven meters and seventeen meters high, and the tree crown covers area of 2 mu. Viewing from a long distance, the tree is a huge umbrella Here is the one of scenes in the movie Liu Sanjie which tells Liu Sanjie's love story. In the another riverside, there is a mountain with a cave, and rock climbing is available here. In this scenic spot, there is also a lotus pool, when in June, those lotus would blossom.


Banyan Tree

Several hundred meters ahead is Assembling Dragon Cave which has karst caves, and inside the cave, there are lots of stalactites of various shapes. And many stalactites looks like dragon, which is why it called Assembling Dragon Cave. In one section of the tour in the cave,there is a cave river, and you may take a boat to enjoy those fantastic stalactites.

The last trip is Moon Hill. The scenic spot have stairs winding from the foot to the hillside. The hill has a hollow cave which looks like a moon, and if you see from a different distance and angle, the shapes of the moon may be different, from a crescent moon to a full moon.

Along the ten-mile road, there are lots of outdoor activities, like rock climbing, riding horse, shooting, tour by hot air balloon, and tour by plane, which are deserved to try. In the whole attraction, there are restaurants and hotels, and local people sell food, snacks, fruit, drinks and handcrafts along the road.

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