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Lao Zhai Shan Hill


Xingping Town, Yangshuo County, Guilin City, Guangxi Province, China

Reasons to visit

One of the best sites to overlook the beautiful landscape by Li River and to take great pictures

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  • All day
Guilin and Yangshuo is famous for the pretty hills along the Lijiang River. Therefore, when people visit to Guilin, is going to enjoy the beautiful hills and waters. Lao Zhai Shan Hill is another place to view the highlight view of Lijiang River and Guilin.

It is located at the bank of Lijiang River, just near to Xingping Pier. This hill is not very high, only about 300 meters, but with more than 1100 steps. It is said that the sunset view seen from the top of Lao Zhai Shan Hill is terrific. Therefore, although the road up to the top is steep, it also attracts many photography enthusiasts to climb. At sunset, climb up with friends for about 20 minutes, there will be an arched gate, behind which you will see two iron ladders to the top. Standing and overlooking on the top of this small hill, you can see the Lijiang River turning a corner at the foot of the hill, the passing cruise boats and the distant hill peaks. It seems enchanting.

How to Get to Lao Zhai Shan Hill?

It is about 25 km from Yangshuo County. Tourist can take bus from Yangshuo Bus Station to Xingping Bus station. It takes about half an hour to get to Xingping and the bus fare is about CNY7 per person.


1. Pay much attention to the falling rock when you climb the hill in rainy season

2. If you go downhill after sunset, you’d better team to climb Lao Zhai Shan Hill

3. On the top of Lao Zhai Shan Hill, you can take the sunrise from the east side and the morning mist over the Lijiang River from the west side. In the afternoon, shoot the sunset to the west and take the idyllic scenery and Xingping Ancient Town to the east.

4. If you decide to climb Lao Zhai Shan Hill for sunrise, we suggest you book a hotel in the ancient town or east bank of Li River.

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