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Gudong Waterfall


Reasons to visit

the Largest Forest Park in Guilin AAAA level scenic spot

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Opening Hours

  • 08:00~17:30

Guilin Gudong Waterfall is 25 kilometers away from the city and is located at the junction of Daxu Ancient Town and Caoping Hui Township. The Gudong Waterfall scenic area is located amid the mighty mountains and high ranges. It is a good place for sightseeing, sports, summer vacation and fun.


The Gudong Waterfall is composed of undergoundd springs to form a series of clear and bottomless multi-pole waterfalls running all year round. The falls drop 90 meters with the average width of 20 meters. The water flow not only allows people to experience the coolness in summer, but also the stimulation of climbing waterfalls. The waterfall falls from the top of the mountain to the scenic spot, with a total of 13 levels.


Forest Resources

The forest coverage rate of the Gudong Forest Waterfall Group Tourist Area reaches 96%. There are more than 3,000 acres of red maple forest unique in China, of which 2,000 acres of original growth forest. Every year in late autumn, the forests here are stained, the red maple leaves are endless, and the magnificent scenery cannot be found elsewhere in Guangxi. The ancient trees are towering, the air is fresh and the scenery is pleasant. It is a great place for mountaineering adventure and forest exploration.


Characteristic Activity

【Climb the Waterfall 攀爬瀑布】

As the first waterfall in the country that can be climbed and touched, the Gudong Waterfall Scenic Area is composed of multi-level series of waterfalls formed by underground springs. Gudong Scenic Area is a national 4A-level scenic spot, Guilin's well-known brand scenic spot, Guilin's top ten A-level scenic spots, and climbing the waterfall is the biggest feature of the scenic spot. Visitors can put on straw shoes here, walk between the green mountains and green water waterfalls, feel the fun of "wet body", and experience intimate contact with nature and the waterfalls. During the climbing process, tourists are able to experience the beauty, spectacularness, thrills and excitement of the waterfall.


【Goudong Slide 古东滑道】

The slide is a very unique and exciting participatory experience project in the back mountain of Gudong Scenic Area. It is one of the most wanted projects for tourists to come to Gudong Scenic Area. It is built between lush forests and has a total length of 1,000 meters, rotating from the mountainside to the bottom of the mountain. You can experience the joy of traveling through the woods, and you can also overlook the entire Sanjie Lake from a high altitude. The slide car is gliding down in the form of a small train. According to the requirements of tourists, the staff can drive fast or slowly.


【Zipline 溜索】

Zipline is a very unique and ethnic cultural experience project in the back mountain of Gudong Scenic Area. It determines the speed by weight. The heavier the weight, the faster the speed, the slower the weight, the slower the speed. It does not rely on mechanical power, and it completely depends on the tourists ’own weight. It is a very safe double insurance item. Ride a zipline through the jungle and experience the general feeling of flying. Come to Gudong tourism, you must not miss this item.


【Longest Suspension Bridge in Guangxi 广西最长吊桥】

The suspension bridge in Gudong Scenic Area is the longest suspension bridge in Guangxi, with a total length of 200 meters and a difference of 62 meters. Walking on the suspension bridge, there is a feeling of strolling in the clouds. People walk on the suspension bridge, and the body and mind are integrated into this beautiful scenery. While enjoying the scenery calmly, with the shaking of the suspension bridge, you will also have a unique and thrilling experience. Walking on the suspension bridge, shouting to the sky, venting the depressed emotions in my heart, the whole body and mind will be released.


【Guilin Slab Road 桂林老板路】

The Slab Road in Gudong Scenic Area is a very interesting road that spreads the culture of Guilin dialect. The intentional design of the scenic spot engraved the Guilin dialect on the slab road down the mountain, so that while paying attention to the safety of their feet, visitors can also learn the interesting and distinctive Guilin dialects. Guilin dialect is a local dialect of Guilin. It originated from the southern official language represented by Beijing dialect and evolved into Guilin dialect during a long period of study.

【Not Just the Forest 不只是森林】

"Not Just the Forest" is a series of participatory and interesting activities in the back hills of the Gudong Scenic Area, including "black and white forest", "picking firewood", "slimming house", "wealth scale" and other projects. The "Black and White Forest" project is composed of black and white wooden columns of black road, white road and middle road, which represent different life choices. Picking firewood is a special activity for tourists to experience farmhouses. Because "firewood" and "fortune" are homonyms in Chinese, "picking wood" is "picking wealth". "Slimming House" can be said to be the oldest tool for measuring body shape. Visitors to Gudong can test their figure to see if they are Marshal Tianpeng or supermodel.


Best Time to Visit the Gudong Waterfall

Gudong Waterfall is suitable for sightseeing all year round. The best time to travel is summer. Gudong Waterfall is located in Guilin, Guangxi. Guilin belongs to a subtropical monsoon climate, with a milder climate, long summers and short winters, more annual precipitation, and plenty of sunshine. The annual average temperature is 19 degrees, and the northerly wind is the main year.  April to October is the best time to visit Guilin every year. Of course, if you are visiting during the off-season, you can better appreciate the beautiful scenery here.


Travel Tips

Chinese name: 古东瀑布

Ticket: 75 yuan

Opening hours: 8:00 - 17:30

Recommended time to visit: 3-4 hours

Transport:1. Take the Guanyan line at the bus terminal and get off at Gudong Forest Waterfall, about 20 yuan a way.

       2. There is a Gudong Waterfall special bus in front of Guilin seven-star Park. The fare is 15 yuan and the journey takes 40 minutes.

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