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Suzhou Must See

To visit Suzhou, there are numerous places are worth sightseeing, such as Suzhou Must See Attractions, Suzhou Must See Water Towns, Suzhou Must See Commercial Streets, Suzhou Must See Buildings, etc. Top China Travel has picked out some must see in Suzhou that are worthwhile for tourists.

Suzhou Must See Attractions

Humble Administrator Garden, the best representation of Chinese classical gardens of the Ming Dynasty, gives tourists a great fun to have a study about the basic factors of Chinese traditional garden including the lakeside rocks, the tower and mansions, winding path and the corridors, etc.

The Lingering Garden, one of the great four gardens in China, a typical one of gardens in Qing Dynasty, boasts its fine gardening, luxurious and spacious hall, and collection of stones from Taihu Lake by which people can be freshened up without going out the city.

Suzhou Museum, a highly-regarded regional museum with a number of significant Chinese cultural relics, houses over 30000 cultural relics --- most notably for excavated artifacts, Ming and Qing Dynasty paintings and calligraphy, and ancient arts and crafts.

Panmen Gate, the oldest city gate of Suzhou and the only existing water and land gate in China, is composed of two water passages, three land passages and the outside gate.

Tiger Hill, enjoys a reputation as 'the first scenic spot in the State of Wu', for Suzhou was once the capital of the State of Wu during the Spring and Autumn Period.

Suzhou Silk Factory, shows tourists the life-cycle of the silk worm and demonstrations of how the silk is harvested from the cocoons and eventually woven into fabric.

Pingjiang Road, a historical street that located in the northeastern Suzhou ancient city, is a stone route with a river flowing along it. Bridges across the river, houses with white walls and black roofs built along the stone road, locals especially the old walking leisurely, the scene here shows a traditional Suzhou local life.

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Suzhou Must See Commercial Streets

Guanqian Street, a historical street that is over 150 years old, is known far and wide because of the century-old traditional shops like Daoxaingcun Confectionery Shop, Qiantaixiang Silk Shop, Huangtianyuan Round Dumpling Shop, which were all established here.

Shiquan Street, with its Ming-and-Qing-Dynasty-style architectures including characteristic restaurants and craftwork shops, has become a far-famed characteristic street for its craftworks and restaurants.

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Suzhou Must See Water Towns

Zhouzhuang Water Town, where abounds with rivers and lakes, thought by many to be the best waterside town in China, has a history of more than 900 years old with many houses built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Tongli Water Town, famous for its rivers, ancient bridges and house complexes, is separated by 15 rivers into seven islets, which are connected through 49 ancient bridges. Traditional residences including gardens, houses and temples, built in the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, are the highlight of the town.

Luzhi Water Town, was famed to be the Venice of the East for its beautiful waterways and ancient bridges, some of the bridges dated back to the Song Dynasty. A walk in the ancient town Luzhi is said to be a walk into history frozen in time, tranquil and serene.

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