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Shiquan Street

Address: Shiquan Street, Canglang Area, Suzhou
What to buy: Suzhou Embroidery, chinaware antique, calligraphy and paintings, inscriptions, jade

Shiquan Street is located in the hotel area in the old downtown of Suzhou. There strew many Ming-and-Qing-Dynasty-style architectures including characteristic restaurants and craftwork shops, such as restaurant dealing in fish-head soup, teahouse featured culture and catering of Wu ,mountain-city chaffy dish with west China flavor, Japanese Restaurant, Korean barbecue, Guangzhou-style dish, Huaiyang-style dish, etc., which are scramble for by both home and oversea travelers. Famous craftworks like Suzhou Embroidery, chinaware antique, calligraphy and painting, chinaware, silk, inscriptions, jade, rosewood articles can be found here. Everything that you expect to find. 
Shiquan Street
Shiquan Street

Along this street, there are many hotels, such Nanyuan Hotel, Suzhou Hotel, Nanlin Hotel, etc. also, the famous classical garden, the Master-of-Nets Garden, is nearby. Therefore, it is a one stop street for shopping, accommodation, dining, and relax.Suzhou Shiquan Street now has become a far-famed characteristic street for its craftworks and restaurants.

How to get there: take Bus T2 or Bus 202, then get off at Master-of-Nets Garden Stop (Wang Shi Yuan Zhan).

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