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Where to Buy Silk in Suzhou

Silk is a symbol of ancient Chinese culture and has made an indelible contribution to promoting the development of human civilization in the world. Chinese silk is famous all over the world for its excellent quality, exquisite patterns and rich cultural connotations. Thousands of years ago, silk passed from Chang'an to Europe along the Silk Road. It brought not only pieces of gorgeous clothing and accessories, but also the ancient and splendid civilization of the East. Since then, silk has almost become the communicator and symbol of Eastern civilization.

Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou are rich in silk products. If you are traveling to Suzhou, you must want to know where to buy silk in Suzhou. Here TCT would introduce some famous places to purchase silk products.

Qian Tai Xiang Silk Shop in Guanqian Street 

Address: No.136-138, Guanqian Street, Pingjiang District, Suzhou City

Qian Tai Xiang Silk Shop(乾泰祥丝绸店) has been opened in Suzhou for hundreds of years, which was founded in 1863 mainly selling silk products like silk, wool, cloth, shoes and hats. As it is an old brand, the quality can be guaranteed. The price is a little higher than the street stalls.
Qian Tai Xiang Silk Shop
Qian Tai Xiang Silk Shop


Huanghou Choudu Shop in Renmin Road

Address: No. 1542, Renmin Road, Pingjiang, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Suzhou Huanghou Choudu Silk Shop is an exclusive shop of silk products which includes Suzhou Silk, Qipao Dress, Silk Scarf, Tang silk top, Evening dress, Dressing Gown Chinese Cote, Blouse etc. All the products are made by hand sewed containing 100% Silk satin. So the price is relatively high.
Huanghou Choudu Shop
Huanghou Choudu Shop

Silk Shops at Shiquan Street

Where to Buy Silk in Suzhou Shiquan Street? There are quite a lot of silk shops along Shiquan Street. The silk price is cheaper than other places. The quality of silk is good, but you may buy some fake silk if you can not distinguish it. It is better to go with a local Chinese guide who are familiar with the silk market and good at bargaining. Bargaining is quite common and sometimes you can make quite a substantial saving.

Silk Museum

Address: No.2001, Renmin Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu

Silk Museum in Suzhou shows the history of silk production and Suzhou embroidery from around 2000 BC. Exhibits include old looms with demonstrations, an explanation of sericulture and samples of ancient silk patterns. More interestingly, if you come in the right time, you can even see a room full of live silk worms, eating mulberry leaves and spinning cocoons.
The silk museum is not just a museum, it also sells silk products to tourists. The silk goods selling here are real and in good quality.
Silk Museum
Silk Museum

Shengze Town

Where to Buy Silk in Suzhou Shengze Town? Shengze Town is an important silk textile production base and product distribution center in China, enjoy the reputation of “silk capital”. Shengze Town belongs to Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, locating at the southernmost tip of Jiangsu Province. There is a silk street selling silk fabrics and finished products, as well as a large silk market.

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