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Best Places to Visit in China in May

Best Places to Visit in China in May here has listed the most suitable places to visit in May. Each of them has different special features. Staying in crowded urban full of people and vehicle, it is better to go to a trip for May, for those mountains, water and other charm of the branches. The following will recommend Gulangyu island inXiamen, special flavor of Xishuangbanna in Yunnan and beautiful scenery in the regions south of the Yangtze River.

Shangri-la (Yunnan)

Reasons to go in May

Shangri-la in spring May, there are countless colorful wildflowers and full mountain of cuckoo, kelsang flowers, competing in full bloom, like a palette was knocked over. The best time for a travel will be May to July and September to October. Shangri-la is a remote peaceful land with transparent sky, snow-covered mountains, dignified monasteries and primary forest. It is also praised as “the closest place to paradise”. During the early summer, lush trees, serene lakes and vast grasslands are in their prime time, you will also find wild flowers, especially the graceful azaleas, varied in shapes and kinds, coloring the fields. The best time for azaleas visiting will be from middle June to early July. If you come here in autumn, there will be another kind of scenery that waiting for you to discover.

Shangri-la, is "the heart of the sun", and the ideal of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. The bloomy spring season, everywhere is filled with green grass, colorful bushes and flowers, which displays the romance of spring.
Here is the place where is rich in love story. People here have their own interpretation towards life and death; their clothes, is epitome of nature color; their dwelling, form a delightful contrast to grasslands, snow-capped mountains, and canyont; they dance with mountains and rivers. This is unique feelings of the fairyland of shangri-la from person to person, person in harmony with nature
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Qingdao (Shangdong)

Reasons to go in May

Qingdao is a famous Chinese historical and cultural cities and scenic tourist resort. Qingdao in May, the sea is warm, sand of beach is soft, and there is no high temperature under the sun, it is the golden season for seaside tourism. Winding Jiaodong bay, undulating hills, blue sea and European style city make up a beautiful picture.

Spring of Qingdao, beginning in the late April, end in the early June, though it flower short, it has the the most beautiful flower in seaside town a year. Cherry blossom, Chinese flowering apple, prunus persica flower, phoenix tree, sophora japonica, they can be seen everywhere in the streets and the slope, everywhere in the whole city was immersed in their fragrant. Going outside to the park to enjoy flower, is the most pleasant thing in the mayday.
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Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center

Guiyang (Guizhou)

Reasons to go in May
Starting on May 5, there is a event of go to summer resort in Guiyang to enjoy minority flavor held by Guiyang city government and jointly organized by China national tourism administration ---China Guiyang Summer Season is going to start. Wonderful celebrations will last the whole May. At the appointed time, tourists can enjoy summer season opening ceremony in addition to the highlight of the night; also can watch the Miao folk performances, tea-tasting, picking fruit, etc.
Guiyang is a green pearl on the Nanming River, with advantageous geographical environment, the most magical karst landform breed wonders of scenic, makes it become the famous summer resort. In addition to watch the performances of “Summer Season”, there is a performance of folk custom named “eight of April” is also great. On May 12, Guiyang Miao "eight of Apri" will be held in grand fountain square. Then, you can enjoy the Miao people dressed in national costumes to perform reed-pipe wind instrument, flute, sing folk song and dance to celebrate their own traditional festival.
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