Best Places to Visit in China in July

Best Places to Visit in China in July here has listed the most suitable places to visit in July. Each of them has different special features. Staying in crowded urban full of people and vehicle, it is better to go to a trip for July, for those mountains, water and other charm of the branches. The following will recommend best place for summer vocation like Bird Island, excellent Menyuan Rape Flower, wonderland of Shangri-la in Yunnan and coastal city of Weihai.

Menyuan Rape Flowers (Qinghai)

Reasons to go in July

In July, go to Qinghai Lake, there has the most pure blue, most gorgeous yellow, and the white clouds are rolling in the sky. Rape flowers in Qinghai Lake are completely different from Wuyuan rape flower.

From the beginning of July each year, here have entered the bloom season of rape flowers, flowering time is July 5 to 25, and the best flowering time is July 10 to 20. In the middle of July, in the open field, as the sun was setting under a blue sky, a golden yellow is spread all over the field, and rape flower fill in the both side of river bank of Haomen River. Menyuan Rape Flower is grand and magnificent, closing to Qilian Mountain in its north, Yulong beach in the Datong riverside in its east, it next to Daban Mountain in its south extends for hundreds miles, just like a blonde ocean. Rape flower here is different from the picture that Luopingduo hill shows; it draws a picture of rape flower overspread under the sky and cloud and snow mountain.
And in 18 to 25 of July every year there is a Rape Flower Festival. Menyuan in July is a paradise on earth. The eagle is circling around in this clear sky; the grass is green and the flower is red in this vast grassland, and flocks and herds as many as clouds; the mountain of Xianmilin area and flourish of woods vie with each other. 600 thousand mu of rape flower make up this marvelous spectacle of sea of flower. The sons and daughter of Menyuan who can walk and ride, who can speak and sing, hold a festival to make friends and display their talent - Rape Flower Festival of Qinlian Mountain in summer.
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Mount Taishan (Shandong)

Reasons to go in July

The summer in Mount Taishan is very cool, the heat of the average temperature is only 17 ℃.So, even if mountaineering under the sweltering heat of summer, and you can also feel cool and comfortable shaded by the cypress trees. To the top of the hill, sometimes you may need to bring warm clothes. Before mountaineering in summer, you can ask to locals about some information, with luck, you also will see the sunrise. There is an old saying: Mountaineering Mount Dongshan Shandong is small in your eyes because you command a panoramic view of Shandong, but mountaineering Mount Taishan a whole world is small because you command a panoramic view of world. Mountaineering in summer, with night fell, the top of Mount Taishan’s afterglow is more appealing than the sunrise. And it is said that the Yellow River can be seen in good weather condition, and you can enjoy the red glow of the sun on the top of the mountain, and grandeur blue waves of Clouds Sea at the foot of the mountain. Mount Taishan is one of best places to visit in China in July.
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Mount Taishan 

Inner Mongolia

Reasons to go in July

In late July early or August, it is the best of times of grass grows in Inner Mongolia; it is also the best time to go to the prairie. This is the most beautiful season in Inner Mongolia, a piece of green, with blue sky and clear water. Many people are yearning for the miraculous land, there are towering lofty peaks and majestic mountains, there are deep canyons, steep slope, there is a vast grassland and wetland, there is a mysterious temple Buddha hall, there is serene plateau lake, there is a rush of rivers and streams, and there are simple Tibetans.

Every year, autumn is the best tourist season of the year. At this time going to the prairie, although there is no summer grass, but it is not lack of vast and vigorous grassland. Stay in here, the heart is free, relaxed, there is no way, but also do not need a way, because as long as you walk through, it is the road. There are large white clouds, blue sky, pure and fresh air, let a person cannot help greedily breathe heavily. And Mongolian yurt, koumiss, rich ethnic customs will let you won’t regret to travel here.
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Inner Mongolia 

The scenic spots listed above are the best places to visit in China in July. Different from other places in China, they are cool in July.

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