Best Places to Visit in China in January

Best Places to Visit in China in January here has listed the most suitable places to visit in January as follows; each of them is charming and beautiful in China and has different special features, you will have different feelings towards different types of places in China in January.

Harbin( Heilongjiang Province )

Reasons to go in January

Feeling the style of northland, besides the snow county, Harbin is also a good choice. The Harbin in January, standing on high place to look downward, the whole city is covered by snow, be dressed in white. Within heavy snow, even if the weather is cold it also can not hold up against everyone to have a snowball fights, make a snowman. Going to Harbin in January, you must experience ice and snow. In addition to watch the ice lanterns, you can also choose the snow and ice projects such as skiing, ice sledge, ice slides, experience cool thoroughly. In January, the annual Harbin international ice and snow festival will be held in Harbin, you might come at a time when festival held...The same journey to northland, and Harbin is also the best tourist destination in January.
Best Places to Visit in China in January - Harbin

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Sanya( Hainan Province )

Reasons to go in January

The temperature throughout the country is just under 10 degrees and even zero degree, there is also a place where is still warm, that is Sanya. If you don't like the cold in the north, then you can go to Sanya for tourism in January. Even in winter, but located in tropics, Hainan Sanya is still warm and pleasant, the scenery there is still spring scenery. Many people like to hibernate to Sanya for the winter, not only because there is warm for the winter, but also you can enjoy sunbathing on the beach, swimming, surfing and going for seafood dinner, where is very suitable for a family to spend vacation and newly-married honeymoon trip. Because of climate features and beautiful scenery of tropical scenery, Sanya has also been rated as the best tourist destination in January.

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Changbai Mountain( Jilin Provice )

Reasons to go in January

In January, Changbai Mountains have become a world in the fairy tale. Snow will decorate sky and ground into a saintly white, the ding-dong waterfall become glittering and translucent ice fall, trees become gorgeous; these sceneries are beautiful and romantic. At this time, you can not only ski in the nature-made ski park, enjoy the fun of snow area in Changbai Mountains, still you can appreciate the marvelous winter Tianchi Lake in Changbai Mountains, and the silver Canyon of Changbai Mountains. The reasons for Changbai Mountains was listed as best tourist destination in January are: There are a pile of worth seeing spots in Changbai Mountains like, Tianchi Lake, Changbai Mountains Waterfall, the Yalu River Grand Canyon, Changbai Mountains Grand Canyon, Changbai Mountains Underground Forest, Hot Springs Group of Changbai Mountains, Changbai Mountains Rime, and skiing, rafting...all of these are enough for the reasons for Changbai Mountains to be one of the best tourist destinations in January.

Best Places to Visit in China in January - .Changbai Mountains

These are the best places to visit in China, either to feel experience the northern ice world, or feel leisure in a winter resort.

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