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China Spring Travel Destinations

Where are the best places to tour China in Spring? China Spring Travel Destinations can surely offer some good ideas for you. With warm sunshine and gentle breeze, spring is a good time for an outdoor travel to appreciate this living planet. Come with TopChinaTravel, during this big spring time - March, April and May, to go for a walk around the country and capture every memorable moment.
China Spring Travel Destinations


There is a poetry mentioned that, “I journeyed south to Yangtze in March, a time when flowers were blooming”. It will be a good idea to take a tour to Suzhou and Hangzhou during the spring time, to admire the “paradises on earth” that enclosed by blooming flowers and green willow.

Gardens like Humble Administrator Garden, Lingering Garden and Tiger Hill with blooming cherry flowers are the spotlight in Suzhou, while Tongli Water Town, only 18km away from Suzhou, will also come to alive during the humid spring time.

West Lake of Hangzhou is as an apple of the eye. Bathing the spring sunshine, strolling along the long Su Causeway, you will definitely impressed by the sight of “willow down and flowers reign”, which been highly praised by ancient poems.
China Spring Travel Destinations - Suzhou
Hangzhou West Lake

Luoping, Yunnan

Luoping is a very small town located to the east part of Yunnan. During the spring time, the blooming rape flowers just like a yellowish blanket that covers the fields and stretches far beyond the mountains.

The Rape Flower Festival is held during the early spring time from late February to middle April. The best time to appreciate the blooming flowers is in the middle March, when, the whole town seems to be wrapped up in a blanket sewed by flowers. Jinji Peak Cluster is the best place to admire the glory of the flowers.

Come and enjoy the sight about the Rape Flowers that yellowing the fields,

China Spring Travel Destinations-Luoping Rape Flowers  

Wuyuan, Jiangxi

The late March would be the most attractive time of Wuyuan, the most beauty village that located remote in Jiangxi Province. During the time, all the fields overlaid with yellowish rape flowers, occasionally, pinky peach blossoms and pure white pear blossoms dot the fields with some other colors. Hui-style architectures, with white walls and grey titles, standing quietly among the flowers, well balanced the over showy color, and all together, formed a picturesque Chinese painting.
China Spring Travel Destinations - Wuyuan
Wuyuan Village

Luoyang, Henan

Luoyang is famous for its brilliant historical relics and gorgeous natural beauty - Peony. The 30th Luoyang Peony Exhibition will be held this year from 5th April to 5th May. The prime time to appreciate the flourishing flowers will be around 12th April.

Peony is a kind of herbs with large showy flowers, which is distributed only in China. Peony has been planted for over 1,500 years in this city and has developed in various shapes and colors, even the black peonies. Luoyang Peony Garden will be the best place to enjoy this festival and get approach to the blooming Peony flowers.
Peony Culture Festival of Luoyang

Li River & Yulong River, Guilin

Li River is the top ranked attractions in Guilin, renowned for its fascinating natural scenery and pure clear water. Taking a cruise during the humid and flourishing spring time, one may have chance to appreciate the praised view “Li River in the mist” or appreciate the rolling hills, steep cliffs, lined bamboos, shooting plants and blooming wild flowers along the bank that bathing the warm sunshine, etc.

Known as Little Li River, Yulong River that running through Yangshuo is also a good place to appreciate the spring view. A Yulong River rafting is highly recommended, especially during the March, you may have chance to see the flourishing rape flowers that yellowing the fields along the bank. Sitting on the reclining chair on the raft, you can enjoy an all-around view of the river and hills and fields.

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China Spring Travel Destinations-Yangshuo Yulong River
Li River, Guilin

Longji Rice Terrace, Guilin/Yuanyang Rice Terrace, Yunnan

The Rice Terrace in Longsheng County is one of the top ranked attractions of Guilin area, which renowned for its elegant figure and alternative beauties in different seasons. During the spring, especially when all the fields are irrigated (around mid-Apr to late May), you will be impressed by the enchanting view because every irrigated field just like a mirror that reflecting the color and imagine of the skies. All things there seem to turn into alive again after waving goodbye to the cold winter.

Compared with graceful Longsheng Rice Terrace, Yuanyang Rice Terrace in Yunnan shows a magnificent manner. The whole scenic area stretches for miles, all along the Red River bank. Over 10 thousand hectares terrace fields built against the hillsides, when irrigated in March, the beauty that could never be matched.
China Spring Travel Destinations-Longji Rice Terrace, Guilin
Longji Rice Terrace, Guilin

These are the hight recommended travel destinations in China in Spring. The scenery in these places are quite beautiful.