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China Autumn Tour Destinations

China Autumn Tour Destinations has specially selected some fine places to visit during the colorful autumn in China. The still water of Kanas Lake, color-changing leaves’ shows in Fragrant Hill and Jiuzhaigou Valley, yellowing rippling grains of Longji Rice Terraces…come and travel with us to find your best tour destinations in China during the brilliant autumn time.
Best places to visit in autumn in China

Kanas Lake, Xinjiang -  Heaven On Earth

In Mongolian language, Kanas means "lake in canyon". Located near the Altai Mountains, Xinjiang Province, it is the deepest freshwater lake in China famous for its Swiss view, and home to 798 species of plants and 117 varieties of birds. Embraced by snow-capped mountains and dense forest, the lake, takes on different colors in different seasons. 

The crescent moon shaped lake have water storage capacity 53.8 billion cubic meter, average depth 120 meters. Like the Tianchi Lake, Kanas Lake is also a mysterious place where has been sightings of large lake creatures in the waters. Not long ago, a video was taken and shown in the local Chinese media where numerous unidentifiable creatures can be seen.

Best time for autumn view of Kanas Lake will be from late September to early October, when the trees and grasses around the lake turns to be red, yelllow and brown. It would looks very beautiful.
China Autumn Tour Destinations-Kanas Lake, Xinjiang

Fragrant Hill, Beijing

Fragrant Hill in the suburbs of Beijing is a popular place that each Beijinger regards it as his garden near home. When autumn comes, this hill enters its most showy and colorful season, with fiery red smoke tree leaves covering the mountain side. In middle October each year, when the sky is so clear and transparent, "Fragrant Hill Autumn Leaves Festival" will be held in Beijing Fragrant hill. It will last till November.

It consists of a natural pine-cypress forest, hills with maple trees, smoke trees and persimmon trees, as well as landscaped areas with traditional architecture and cultural relics. The name derives from the park's highest peak - Xianglu Feng, a hill with two large stones resembling incense burners at the top.
China Autumn Tour Destinations-Beijing Fragrant Hill

Jiuzhiagou Valley, Sichuan - World of Colours

Situated in the northern part of Sichuan Province, Jiuzhaigou Valley is a fairyland, crystal clear water is the soul of the place, while the thick forest surrounded, is the most decent mate guarding the water. Water and forest, give Jiuzhigou the most brilliant colors in autumn.

Varied lakes and ponds, differ in sizes and shapes, are displaying their dreamy beauty colored with light blue, bright green and even deep purple, golden yellow, etc. Waters are also reflecting the deep-dyed forests with their leaves that have turned into yellow and red. It is a scene like the saying goes - God knocked over the palette.

The best time to appreciate the colorful Jiuzhigou Valley will be from late September to mid-November. 

China Autumn Tour Destinations-Jiuzhaigou Valley

Longji Rice Terrace, Guili

Autumn means harvest, is a fruitful season. Travel to Longji Rice Terraces in Autumn, you can see golden yellow grains, in chains, from the mountain bottom to the top, standing in the fields with their heads swinging in the wind. View from afar, the whole mountain body seems be wrapped by parallel yellow ribbons.

Middle September to early October will be the best time to appreciate this harvest scene.
China Autumn Tour Destinations-Longji Rice Terrace, Longsheng

Yading, Daocheng - Heaven of Colour

The best and the most beautiful season to visit Yading, Daocheng in Sichuan Province is in autumn. The golden and wide meadow under the blue sky, and yellow leaves of original forest, towering snow-capped mountains, turbulent spring... multi-level light yellow, ochre, bright yellow, yellow, yellow... in Yading, Daocheng mixs together and stretches to distant horizon, making it a autumn fairy tale on earth.

But the transport to Yading, Daocheng is not convenient. It usually takes long drive (8 to 10 hours) from Chengdu. But when you see the fantastic landscape in Yading, you will think it is worth it to put up with the long journey.
Yading, Daocheng

Ejina, Inner Mongolia

If you love someone, take her to see Ejina in fall. Here has the only one of the three major Populus euphratica forests in the world. When autumn comes, all the Populus euphratica forest turns to yellow colors, which provides you a magnificent scenery. Together with the yellow desert, you may see the yellow colors stretching to the horizon.

Tachuan, Huangshan

Tachuan, also known as Tashangh, is a beautiful village with unique charm in Yixian County, Huangshan City. The autumn view here is known as one of the four most beautiful ones in China. Every autumn, the leaves of tallow trees in fields around the villages turns red, forming a charming pastoral scenery. After the frost, tallow trees in Tachuan turns from green to yellow, then yellow to red. The levered color varying of leaves of tallow trees is the best materials for photographers. Every year from late October to the end of November is the best time to shoot amazing pictures of Tachuan.
Tachuan Village, Huangshan
The above mentioned places are the best places to enjoy the most beautiful autumn view in China.