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How to plan a trip to Chengdu?

Chengdu enjoys great reputation of “land of abundance” from ancient times. As a historical and cultural city in China, Chengdu attracts numerous of tourists in China and also around the world to visit. Here in Chengdu you can slow down your busy pace since it is known as the city of leisure, meanwhile, you can see the lovely pandas and enjoy the splendid landscape as there are so many places worth visiting. How to plan a trip to Chengdu? How to plan a panda tour to Chengdu? Following our guidance to get some inspirations for your upcoming trip.

Best Time to Visit Chengdu

The best time to visit Chengdu is from March to June and September to November. During this period, most of the days are sunny days and temperature is mild, not too hot, not too cold. Better to avoid the public holidays like the first week of May and the first week of October.

While if you come to Chengdu at other months (January, February, July, August and December),except for the main attractions, you may also find some other interesting places.  July and August will be the hottest months. Although the temperature in Chengdu is not high in summer, it is relatively sweltering. But you may find a cool place in Qingcheng Mountain, Tiantai Mountain, Jiulong Gou, Jiufeng Mountain and Longchi Forest Park during the Summer time. If you come in Winter, Xiling snow Mountain will be a good place for skiing.

Best Things to Do in Chengdu

There are a lot of famous attractions in Chengdu, historical or modern, scenic or cultural. Find some ideal attractions you want to go to start your Chengdu trip. Here are some top attractions recommended by TopChinaTravel you may like.

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Visiting Panda Bases

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is a non-profit research institute aims to protect giant pandas and other rear endangered wild animals. Here you can get closeer look to giant panda and learn more about their living habits. If you are interested in being a one-day volunteer to take care of the pandas, you could consider Dujiangyan Panda Base to join in One Day Chengdu Panda Volunteer Tour.

Climbing Buddhism Mountains

Mt. Emei, located 150km away from Chengdu, is one of the famous Buddhism mountains in China. Here you can explore Buddhist culture while enjoy the beautiful scenery on Mt. Emei. Another highlight is Leshan Giant Buddha which is the tallest stone Buddha statue in the world with the height of 71 meters, which was listed on the World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 1996.

Visiting the Ancient Ruins Museum

Sanxingdui Museum is the largest and oldest ruins of the ancient Shu culture with a history of more than 4000 years. Sanxingdui Museum exhibits thousands of precious cultural relics unearthed from Sanxingdui Ruin Site, such as bronzes, jade, gold wares and so on.

Skiing in Xiling Snow Mountain

Xiling Snow Mountain is considered to be the largest snow mountain ski resort in China with the best facilities. Except for skiing, you can also try varieties of winter sports activties here.

Attending Sichuan Cuisine Cooking Class

If you are a foodie or addicted to Sichuan foods, why not have a trip to Chengdu to visit the Sichuan Cuisine Museum and learn to cook Sichuan dishes.

Enjoying the Sichuan Opera

If you are interested in the local culture in Chengdu, you should not miss the Sichuan Opera which has a long history. It will be a fantastic experience of your trip in Chengdu.

Experiencing the Tea Culture

Chengdu has a long history of tea-drinking culture, you could see tea houses at every corner. You could find a comfortable tea house to have a rest and explore the local tea culture in Chengdu. By the way, you can also watch Sichuan Opera in some tea houses.

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What to Eat in Chegndu

Sichuan Cuisine must be on your list while planning your Chengdu trip. Actually, Sichuan Cuisine is the best choice for people who are fond of spicy food, at the same time, a challenge for those who can’t eat spicy stuff. There are so many delicious food you could try in Chengdu, such as hot pot, Mapo Toufu, Dan Dan Noodles and different kinds of famous snacks. You could always find what you like to eat in chengdu.

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Where to Stay in Chengdu

Where to stay in Chengdu? Well, there are too many hotels in Chengdu so that it’s really hard to choose an ideal one.

If you prefer a hotel with central location that is convenient for eating and shopping, you should concentrate on hotels in Chunxi Road, Wenshu Temple and Tianfu Square.

  • Hotel Name:Tianfu Sunshine Hotel (4 Star)
  • Location: No.2 North Taisheng Road, Chengdu, Sichuan(1.5 kilometer to Wenshu Temple and Chunxi Road IFS)
  • Comments: Tianfu Sunshine Hotel is a 4 star hotel with central location at the city center. It is convenient to have meals or go shopping during your stay in Chengdu. But it is an old hotel, the facilities may can't reach other new 4 star hotels.

  • Hotel Name: Atour S Hotel (Boutique )
  • Location: Dongkangshi Street, IFS, nearby Chunxi Road, Chengdu, Sichuan
  • Comments: Atour S Hotel is a boutique hotel and newly opened in 2017. It is located in the IFS and nearby Chunxi Road which is convenient for shopping or having meals. As a boutique hotel , it is more suitable for the young people.

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Chengdu 144-hour Visa Free Transit Policy

For travelers who hold a visa to the third country with a connecting airplane tickets can apply for a 144-hour visa-free stay in Chengdu. Just get a 144-hour panda tour in Chengdu during your international trip.

6 Days Sichuan Tour to Leshan & Mt. Emei

Giant Panda Base, Leshan Giant Buddha, Mt.Emei

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Conditions for Chengdu 144-hour visa free transit

  • Citizens from specified 53 countries
  • Valid international travel documents
  • Connected international flights to a third country within 144 hours
  • Enter and leave from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
  • Stay in Chengdu for no more than 144 hours.

How to  apply Chengdu 144-hour visa free transit

  • Necessary materials: valid passport, connected international flights to a third country
  • Fill in entry card and  get checked by staff from China Immigration Inspection to get temporary entry permit.

What to Prepare for Chengdu Tour

What to wear

Situated in the Sichuan Basin, Chengdu has a subtropical monsoon climate. The weather in Chengdu is warm and wet for the whole year with an average annual temperature of 16 Degree Celsius.

The hottest season in Chengdu is from July to August, and it’s also the rainy season. The coldest season is January. It’s misty all year in Chengdu.

  • Spring: the temperature rises really fast in spring, but it’s still cool in the morning and also evening, prepare a thin coat will be better.
  • Summer: the summer in Chengdu is hot,short sleeves, short pants or skirts are suitable. Better to prepare sunglasses, hats and sunscreen to keep yourself from sunburn. Since it’s also the rainy season in Chengdu, take an umbrella with you, usually the rain comes at night.
  • Autumn: it’s cool in autumn, prepare a thick coat and pants. Prepare a pair of comfortable shoes if you are planning a climbing trip.
  • Winter: the winter in Chengdu is not very hot but dry, wear a thick coat and sweater with thick pants to keep you warm. Prepare thick cotton-padded clothes, a scarf and gloves if you want.

Learn more about climate and weather in Chengdu.

What to take

  • Get ready for your Visa, and do remember your passport.
  • Prepare for your SIM card to make sure the internet use in China.
  • Take some medicine with you for emergency use.

What to know

  • Read some basic information about Chengdu and China so that you could understand the local culture better.
  • Learn some basic words and phrases in Chinese so as to communicate with local people easily.

Basic Chinese You Might Need

Chinese Pinyin English
你好  Nǐhǎo Hello/Hi
再见 Zàijiàn Bye/See you
谢谢 Xièxie Thank you.
不客气 Búkèqi  You’re welcome.
对不起 Duìbùqǐ Sorry


Qǐngwènwèishēngjiānzàinǎlǐ?  Excuse me, where is the restroom?
多少钱? Duōshǎoqián? How much?

Learn more about Survival Chinese Phrases.

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