Where to Stay in Chengdu

As a mature tourism city, it is quite convenient to find hotels in Chengdu. There are many hotels around railway station and bus station, both star ranking hotels and economical hotels, also there are youth hostels for backpackers. Whether you're in Chengdu on business or for pleasure you'll have accommodation choices to ponder. And if you're on business, location is important. Have a read through our accommodation listings and decide just which the right hotel is for you. You're sure to find just what you need.
Considering convenient for going out, tourists can choose to stay at the hotels around New South Gate Bus Station, or hotels around Chengdu Railway Station. Considering convenient for sightseeing, tourists can choose to stay in the flourishing district like Chunxi Road, or close to Wuhou Temple, Kuan Zhai Alley.
♦ 1.Tianfu Square
► Chengdu Forstar Hotel
Address: No.9 Taisheng North Road, Qingyang district, Chengdu
Located in the Tianfu square, Chengdu Forstar Hotel is better for you to explore and travel the Chengdu and the surrounding place. There is 5 km distance to the prosperous section, and this modern hotel is close to Wenshu Temple, Chunxi Road, and Yanshihou.
Attractions nearby:
Wenshu Temple (1.2 miles/ 15 mins)
Chunxi Road (1.4 miles/17 mins)
Chengdu Amusement Park (1.5 miles/18 mins)
Tianfu Square (1.8 miles/22 mins)
► Holiday Inn Chengdu Oriental Plaza (4 Star)
Address: 229 Zhiquanduan
Holiday Inn Chengdu Oriental Plaza is located in the Tianfu Square, where is very popular among tourists. In here, tourists can go to downtown to go shopping, eating and sightseeing easily. The hotel is near Chunxi Road, Sichuan TV Tower, and Yanshikou so if you choose to travel Chengdu, you can go to visit the attractions surrounded.
Attractions nearby:
Chunxi Road (1.2 miles/15 mins)
Sichuan University (1.4 miles/17 mins)
Chengdu Amusement Park (2.2 miles/27 mins)
Tianfu Square (2.2 miles/27 mins)
► The Ritz-Carlton Chengdu (5 Star)
Address: 269 Shuncheng Avenue, Sichuan Province
Located in the best sightseeing, shopping center and catering gourmet section, The Ritz-Carlton Chengdu provides the best environment to get you away from the madding crowd. Here is 1.5 km from city center, tourists can appreciate the charming scenery in the city center. And the good location makes it convenient for tourists to visit attractions in the center city.
Attractions nearby:
Tianfu Square (0.7 miles/9 mins)
Chunxi Road (1.1 miles/14 mins)
Wenshu Temple (1.4 miles/ 17 mins)
People’s Park (1.5 miles/18 mins)
♦ 2. Wuhou District
► Ibis Chengdu Yongfeng Hotel (3 Star)
Address: No.1 of South Four Section, Second Ring Road, Wuhou district
Ibis Chengdu Yongfeng Hotel is in the Wuhou district and it is quite popular, because it is 6 km to go to downtown city, and 12 km to get to the airport. This 3 star hotel receive quantities of tourists every year.
Attractions nearby:
Jinli Street (2.3 miles/28 mins)
Wuhou Temple (2.5 miles/30 mins)
Qingyang Gong (1.5 miles)
Flowers Pond Park (3.4 miles)
► H-Hotel Riverside Chengdu (4 Star)
Address: 39 Zhimin East Road, Wuhou district, Chengdu
H-Hotel Riverside Chengdu opened in 2011, it is also a good choice for tourists to stay. In here, tourists can go to downtown easily. And from this hotel to several famous landmarks of Chengdu is quite convenient, like Wangjiang Tower Park, Chunxi Road, Sichuan Stadium.
Attractions nearby:
Sichuan University (0.7 miles/ 9mins)
Chunxi Road (1.9 miles/ 23 mins)
Tianfu Square (2.7 miles)
Chengdu Amusementpark (3.1 miles)
► Ascott Raffles City Chengdu Serviced Apartments (5 Star)
Address: No.3 of Renmin Road South Four Section, Wuhou district, Chengdu
If you are looking for a hotel with convenient transportation, then Ascott Raffles City Chengdu Serviced Apartments is the best choice. With the good location, it is convenient for tourists to go to downtown. And surroundings are Sichuan Stadium, Chunxi Road, and Yanshikou.
Attractions nearby:
Chunxi Road (1.6 miles/20 mins)
Sichuan University (1.8 miles/22 mins)
Tianfu Square (1.9 miles/23 mins)
Jinli Street (2.3 miles/28 mins)
♦ 3. Chengdu South Railway Station
► Chengdu Hanyi Hotel (3 Star)
Address: No.2 Xinxiwang Road, Chengdu South Railway Station Area
When you pay visit to Chengdu, Chengdu Hanyi Hotel will provide you a best service and high quality accommodation which will make you feel at home. From here to downtown, it is 5 km. And this hotel is easy and comfortable where is close to the Sichuan Stadium, Wangjiang Tower Park.
Attractions nearby:
Sichuan University (3.0 miles)
Jinli Street (4.1 miles)
Wuhou Temple (4.5 miles)
Chunxi Road (4.8 miles)
► Skytel Hotel Chengdu (4 Star)
Address: No.15 West Road, South Railway Station
Skytel Hotel Chengdu is located in the South Railway Station of Chengdu, it is welcomed by many tourists.
Attractions nearby:
Sichuan University (4.1 miles)
Jinli Street (4.4 miles)
Wuhou Temple (4.7 miles)
► Sheraton Lido Hotel Chengdu
Address: No. 15, Section 1, Middle Ren Min Road Chengdu, Sichuan, China, 610015
The Sheraton Chengdu Lido Hotel, located in the hub of Chengdu's central business district, is within walking distance of the Provincial Exhibition Center and local government offices. One of the finest internationally managed upscale hotels in the city. It is ideally situated for corporate travelers, convention delegates and leisure travelers.
Attractions nearby:
Tianfu Square (1.1 miles/ 14 mins)
Kuan Zhai Alley (1.1 miles/14 mins)
People’s Park (1.2 miles/ 15mins)
Wenshu Temple (1.3 miles/16 mins)