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Things to Do at Night in Chengdu

Chengdu, as a "Shu" cultural center and the capital city of Sichuan province, is rich of historical and cultural heritage, cultural tourism resources. You can visit quite a lot of natural and cultural sites in and around Chengdu city during the day, and then make good use of your evening time to explore more about this city. Then what are the recommended interesting things to do at night in Chengdu? Here TCT would like to offer some nightlife guide for your reference.

Watch Sichuan Opera

You can not miss watching Sichuan Opera while you are traveling in Chengdu. Sichuan Opera is one of cultural icon of Chengdu and a major feature of Sichuan’s culture, especially Changing Faces, Fire Spitting and other unique skills used in the opera performance will let you exclaims the profound and infinite mystery of Chinese culture. The language of Sichuan Opera is lively, humorous and full of vivid local features. There are many theaters where you can enjoy Sichuan Opera, such as Shu Feng Ya Yun Theater near to Qingyang Gong(Qingyang Taoist Temple), Jinjiang Theater, Yuelai Tea House in Convention Center, Shufeng Square at People’s Park, Sichuan Opera Theatre, etc.

Sichuan Opera

Shu Feng Ya Yun Theater (Address: in Cultural Park, #23 Qintai Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu) is a recommended place to enjoy Sichuan Opera. It is a simple ancient architecture in local style. Shu Feng Ya Yun Theater collects quite a few famous professional actors in Sichuan Opera industry. One can enjoy Gaohu play, hand shadow play, puppet show, Sichuan Opera, clown play, face changing, fire-spitting, Suona horn play, etc. The show starts at 8:00pm and lasts for 80 minutes.

Face Changing in Sichuan Opera

Jinjiang Theatre is also known as Sichuan Opera Art Center. It is built at the former site of Yue Lai Teahous, which was originally built in 1908 and being the birthplace of Sichuan Opera. This theatre has a history of more than 100 years of history. The theatre provides audiences with both comfortable environment and fantastic opera shows. In addition, the opera shows here has subtitle in English, Japanese and Korean, so many foreign visitors like to come here to watch Sichuan Opera.

Fire Spitting in Sichuan Opera

Relax Yourselves in a Pub

Chengdu is a very casual place. When night falls, many people like to go to a pub to relax themselves after a full day’s hard work. You can also join them after a full day’s tired sightseeing activities. The bar is of course indispensable: Jiuyanqiao, Fangcao Street, Fangling Road, Shaoling Road, are more popular bar street.

Jinli Bar Block: It is located near to Wuhou Temple and developed in recent years. It is busy with visitors strolling around to buy souvenirs, special local products and snacks. At night, it turns to be a bar area. The buildings here have special decoration style. The consumption price is reasonable. Here is mostly visited by tourists.

Near Jiuyanqiao, there are a lot of bars. You may walk into one, sit down and get a cup of drink. You can chat with friends, watch the landscape outside while drinking.

Go Shopping at Night in Chengdu

As one of the largest cities in the west of China, you can buy most of the things that you like. As you may be busy in visiting scenic spots during the day, you can catch the chance to shop at night. There are quite a few popular commercial area/street for you to enjoy your shopping time, such as Chunxi Road, IFS International Finance Center, Sino-Ocean Taikoo LI Chengdu, People Mall, Chengdu department, etc..

Chunxi Road is the most representative and the most bustling commercial pedestrian street in Chengdu. Chunxi Road collects various tasty local food, jewelry, clothing of any brand. Even if you do not wan to shop, strolling around the third famous pedestrian street of the country, you can also understand Chengdu amorous feelings of local life.

Chunxi Road

Sino-Ocean Taikoo LI Chengdu is similar to Sanlitun in Beijing. Buildings here are quite unique with strong sense of modern design. The interweaving lanes and the open square space, rows of fine restaurants and boutique shops make this place quite leisure. There are less visitors than other places, so you do not have to worry about the swarms of people.

Yan Shi Kou Commercial Area is paradise for students. One can find all kinds of goods here, including clothings, accessories, souvenirs, etc. The things here are quite cheap. You can do bargaining. And you can find a lot of tasty local food around this area.

The above mentioned things to do at night in Chengdu is listed for your reference, you may take them as the nightlife guide in the city. Also, there are more unknown to explore by yourselves.