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The Best Hot Pot Restaurants in Chengdu

Chengdu hot pot culture comes from Chongqing, but is sweeter and fresher than Chongqing hot pot with moderate spicy. Sichuan people are particular about hot pot that it should be hot and smell, smell in the hot, spicy with smell and three taste of smell, hot and spicy mixed up and make you memorable.
Shujiuxiang Hotpot (Yunlin Branch)

Chinese Name:
Add: No.11-2 Nijiaqiao Road, Yulin District, Wuhou District
Transport Information: Taking bus No.109, 139, 78, 809, 92 to Renmin Overpass West Stop and walk for hundreds meters.
Shujiuxiang Hotpot restaurant is typical Sichuan style hot pot; every day is full of people. The hotpot smell of restaurant is enough to attract people to come in.

Red soup in the nine squares of a hotpot in the restaurant is very creative, which can be put the food down to the different grid. It is really convenience. Taste spicy and delicious that will make people feel good. Someone who can’t eat spicy can choose Yuanyang pot (the hotpot will be divided into two pieces, one is light clear soup and another is spicy red oil soup), clear soup taste mellow and fragrance even that while you scald thin slices of meat into it, the slices also has delicious flavor. Dip is authentic garlic and sesame oil, which is placed tidily on the table, you can make your own dip according to your taste. Though its environment is not perfectly delicate, it is antique.
Shujiuxiang Hotpot

Huangcheng Laoma Hot Pot

Chinese Name:
Add: 20 Qintai Rd., Wuhou District, Chengdu
Signature Cuisine: Chengdu Hot Pot

Huangcheng Laoma Hot Pot is a pretty high-grade hotpot restaurant in the city, and is a good restaurant to enjoy Chengdu hotpot. Environment is very good, antique, looks very prestigious. Elaborate restaurant featuring hot pot followed by live entertainment, including Sichuan face-changing. Red soup hot pot is suitable for mass taste, which is not too spicy; clear soup hot pot is delicious and not greasy. Mom beef and cattle belly is the most people must eat food. Service is very good and considerate. Price is a bit expensive. The second ring road branch is divided into self-help and order form, and customers there can enjoy the characteristics shows of face-changing Sichuan opera.


Jiangbei Laozao Hot Pot Restaurant (Wuhou Temple Branch)

Chinese Name:
Add: No.113-1, Wuhou Temple Avenue, Wuhou District, Chengdu
Transport Information: Taking bus no.1, 57, 82, 334, and 335 to middle of Wuhou Temple Avenue.
Opening Hour: 11:00-23:00
Jiangbei Laozao hot pot restaurant is very special in decoration; it is an imitation of the old stoves, old pew in the ancient time, so that full of a heavy sense of time.

Such as the name "Jiangbei", the hot pot here is authentic Chongqing flavor, bright red soup base is hot and appetizing, and attractive; dishes are rich in fresh and adequate weight. Cattle’s belly duck intestines, beef etc is recommended. But the price is a bit expensive. Sometime the restaurant is filled with people so customers may need to wait for a long time.
Jiangbei Laozao Hot Pot Restaurant

Bashu Mansion Hot Pot (Xinhua Park Branch)

Chinese Name:
Add: No.75 Xinhong South Road, Chenghua District
Transport Information: Taking bus to Xinhong South Road stop and walk for 230 meters towards south along the Xinhong South Road.
Bashu Mansion Hot Pot

Chongqing Bashu Mansion Hot Pot adhering to the "old stove of Chongqing" way, so that spicy smell appears the Chongqing's flavor. Restaurant is full of people every day, many customers queued up for operating time. So if you want to have dinner there please arrive as early as possible.

Crisp meat, ice noodle, dried duck noodle, duck intestine, beef and beef fat are recommended dishes and it is enough for a meal. The restaurant is really popular, even in the winter there are a lot of people waiting in the queue. Beef is in good measure, fresh and smell good; Crisp meat is characteristic that it is very spicy; eating ice noodles with the hot pot is really enjoyable.
Bashu Mansion Hot Pot

Jincheng Yinxiang Hot Pot (Shuadu Branch) - Chengdu Impression Hot Pot

Chinese Name:
Add: No.19 Wuhou Temple Street, Wuhou District, Chengdu
Transport Information: Taking bus No.1, 82, 109, 334, 335 to the middle of Wuhou Temple Avenue and walk for 220 meters.
Opening Hour: 11:00 to 2:00 in the second day
Jincheng Yinxiang Hot Pot

Wuhou temple street is a place where gathered many famous hotpot restaurants in Chengdu, including Jincheng Yinxiang. It has unique characteristics - the soup base divided into editable vegetable oil and beef tallow, each has its features. Its goose intestine is made by master after order which is crisp. In addition, the performance of slices noodles is very interesting, the chef cutting skill is really good.

Service there is warm and thoughtful. And it provides oversleeve, glasses cloth and transparent plastic bags for putting cell phone, very considerate; Table cleaning is also very timely.
Jincheng Yinxiang Hot Pot

Hot Space

Chinese Name:
Add: No.39, Yijiangchenghua 2F, Tongci Road, Wuhou District
The restaurant is given priority to with red colors, feeling spicy and pleasant goat. Soup base tastes really spicy and hot, can taste the spicy of green peppercorns in the hotpot. Dishes variety is rich, and also very fresh. Streaky pork is fat but not greasy; Distinctive spicy beef is worthy of its name. The price is reasonable, it is suggested that many people go there together which will be more cost-effective.
Everyone eating with a small pot and it is taste good. Fresh duck blood is very fresh, fish tastes good and very tender, spicy beef has a strong taste, and meringue glutinous rice cake is delicious, eating with dip is really sweet. There are some snacks can get free, the waiter attitude is very good also.
Hot Space

Chongiqng Pangma Hot Pot

Chinese Name
: 重庆胖妈烂火锅
Add: 9-10 Xuefu Jincheng First South Section, Yihuan Road, Wuhou District
After you eat for once you will go back to eat twice. Red pot of oil is not greasy, and there is many Chinese prickly ash in it, someone who don’t like can take away; Light clear soup is made from chicken broth, delicious and fresh. Its Yuanyang pot appearance is not Taiji diagram as general, it is glyph of 回. There is a little bit of clear soup in the middle square. Taro is very tender, crisp meat is great. The food is fresh, dip in sesame oil and then eat is really wonderful. The price is affordable.
Chongiqng Pangma Hot Pot

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