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Where to Eat in Chengdu

Chengdu has a great variety of snacks throughout the streets. Here, Top China Travel will offer useful info about where to eat and list famous foods streets in Chengdu to let you know where to eat delicious foods.

Jinli Street——锦里街

Chengdu Jinli Ancient Street was set up and opened for public in 2004. Walking in this street, historic lanes, old official residences, vernacular dwelling, inns and shops will bring you back to the ancient China.

After its recent renovation, Jinli Ancient Street has become one of the busy trading streets in Chengdu. On both sides of this 350-metre street there are numerous small stores selling handicrafts, antiques, and souvenirs such as Shu embroidery, lacquer products, folk handicrafts, old porcelain dishes, curios, or calligraphies and paintings.
Within the area, there are also hotels, restaurants, teahouses, bars and cafés. The street is very popular with both locals and tourists, especially at night.
  • Address: No.231Wuhou Temple Street, Chengdu, China (Near the Wuhou Temple)
  • Chinese Address: 成都市,武侯祠大街,231号附1号
  • How to get: you can take metro line No.3 and get off at the Gaosheng qiao station(高升桥站), then walk 600 meters to Wuhou temple.

Kuan and Zhai Alley——宽窄巷子

Food and culture, this is the two themes of the Kuan and Zhai alley, or you can say, in here, food has become a culture. Kuan and Zhai alley looks more like an open restaurant or cultural salon. People on the two alleys with background music drink tea leisurely and chat, not very noisy.

Kuan and Zhai alley has a lot of private home cuisines and coffee bars, every shop has small difference in appearance, but after entering you will find their own characteristic. Kuan and Zhai alley has coffee bar with female culture as the theme, there is full of car culture design feeling Germany western restaurant, and courtyard blend in f Puer tea verve, in the most of the time here is a cultural salon...Kuan and Zhai alley is a place with such themes that have strong cultural characteristics. Regularly here will held interesting creative bazaar to attract young tide female, and male in town. And here will aperiodically carry out poetry slam that Chengdu poetry culture strongly continued here.

  • Address: No.127 Changshun Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu
  • Chinese Address: 四川省,成都市,青羊区,长顺街,127号
  • How to get: you can take metro line No.4 and get off at the Kuai Zhan Alley Station(宽窄巷站).


Chengdu snacks are very famous around the country, this is the pride of the people in Chengdu. Wenshufang block has a variety of snacks and authentic Sichuan foods. Televisions station at home and abroad often come here to interview. In Wenshufang block you don't need to walk, because the snack bar is standing along the block one by one. Longchaoshou, Lai’s rice dumplings, Zhong’s dumplings and bean jelly such old food store has branch here. 

Wenshufang is a famous western-sichuan folk commercial block in Chengdu, in addition to the traditional antique shops and Sichuan features arts and crafts shops, the most attractive is the food. Wenshufang created a business model that is given priority to with courtyard, which inherit the tradition of historical memory and blend in the modern commercial elements. Wenshufang can be regard as a special commercial area of Chengdu, here not only sells all kinds of food and Sichuan specialty but also sells western Sichuan folk products such as sugar painting, Shu embroidery, etc.
  • Address: No.15 Wenshuyuan Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu
  • Chinese Address: 四川省,成都市,青羊区, 文殊院街,15号
  • How to get: Wenshufang located in the center of Chengdu, the traffic is very convenient. Taking Metro line No.1 and get off at Wenshuyuan Station(文殊院站). If you take the bus, you can get off at the "North Street" or "Wenshuyuan" or you can easily reach by taxi.

Shaxixian Food Street——沙西线

Shaxixian Food Street is a comprehensive food street, representing the civilians and the masses. The foods here are not only authentic but also the price is cheap. Although here is not very high-grade, it is closer to the heart of foodies. Owing to the rise of Shawan exhibition economy and the residential area at Jiaoda Road, one side of the street is a dining entertainment city suitable for business bouquet; another side scatters a large number of restaurants appropriate for mass consumption.
Here has an old restaurant full of people named Sunset Restaurant. Dishes like braise pork in soy sauce, and hairtail attracting customers of different places; Taste Restaurant is famous by Motuo stone pot that the "stone bowl of soup" is better than a tonic; Hometown Luck Sichuan Cuisine restaurant has a beautiful and comfortable environment of courtyard, bridges and flowing water, and you can try the Sichuan flavor of mushroom bun, crispy steamed pork with rice flour, river silver carps series dishes; and the kunfu tea in the Shunxing teahouse, famous snacks, and brilliant performances like Face Off, fire spitting and lamp rolling in Shunxing Teahouse.
  • How to get: Bus No.3, 56, 56A, 93 and 101 can reach there.
  • Location:It is a little bit of outside from the downtown, but it is more local hangout area too.
Shaxixian Food Street

Yangxixian Food Street——羊西线

Yangxixian Food Street is the most representative food street in Chengdu. Around here you can find Sichuan food as well as delicacies from different places. This street gathers many brand catering, varying form budget to splurge, among those restaurants, most of them provide hot pot. Yangxixian Food Street also promotes the growth and development of the Hotpot Street of Funan New District nearby. There are a lot of famous restaurants in Yangxixian Food Street, Sichuan cuisine restaurants like, Hongxing, Daronghe, Sunset restaurants; Cantonese cuisine restaurants like Ginkgo, Shengtaosha, Chaohuangge and so on. Surprisingly, foreign food has taken root here, including Japanese-style barbecue, Korean barbecue and Brazil roasted meat.
  • How to get: Bus No.7, 32, 37, 48, 51, 52, 59, 69, 83, 113, 339, 802, and 805 can reach there.
  • Address in Chinese: 成都市,金牛区,羊西线.
Yangxixian Food Street

Funan New District——府南新区

Adjacent to Yangxixian Food Street, Funan New District is a brand new characteristics hotpot street, nearly 20 large and small hot pot restaurants gathering in this street. If you are a hotpot lover that you must go there for delicious hotpot. In addition to traditional hotpot like Food King Yellow Cartfish Hot Pot, Kong Liang Hotpot, Liu Yishou Hotpot, Zhao Laosi Goose Intestinal Hotpot, Shan Zhen Hotpot, etc., there is shrimp hotpot, bamboo shot with chicken hotpot and so on. For those who cannot have hot food, light and restorative hotpots are good choices.
  • Address: No.20, Funan New District, Chengdu.
  • Chinese Address: 四川省,成都市, 府南新区,20号.
  • How to get: you can take metro line 2 or 3, get off at Chunxi Road Station(春熙路站)
Funan New District

Chunxi Road——春熙路

Chunxi Road enjoys its reputation as the most flourishing and prosperous commercial pedestrian street in Chengdu. The area is perfect for shoppers who seek apparel and shoes. Featuring both national and international brands, for example; Nike, Adidas, and Li-Nings.
Chunxi Road is not only a fashion center in Chengdu, beautiful look to play, it is also gathered for the delicious snacks, Zhong dumplings, glutinous rice balls Lai, Beef and Beef Tendon, Korean dumplings, Long Chao Shou, there are streets of spicy barbecue and Chuanchuan Xiang, price index and index contrast is absolutely delicious in a real treat you the same time, does not worry about the rapid shrinking wallet. 
  • Address: Chunxi Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu.
  • Chinese Address: 四川省,成都市, 锦江区,春熙路.
  • How to get: you can take metro line 2 or 3, get off at Chunxi Road Station(春熙路站)

Thatched Cottage Food——杜甫草堂

Thatched cottage Food Circle: including Qintai road, Jinli west road, Fanlin road, Qinghua road and Qingjiang east road. And surrounding is the Dufu thatched cottage, Qingyang palace, and cultural park.

There is Lion Pavillion Hotpot in Qintai road, distinctive Qintai Beijing roast duck and many famous and delicious cuisines. There are more than a dozen different styles of theme bar, in Fanlin road where is emerging bar street; Qinghua road has Tan fish head restaurant, old Chengdu mansion cuisine, Chen Mapo and other restaurants; Qingjiang east road has Chongqing Dezhuang hot pot, Chongqing Kongliang Eel Hotpot, Chongqing potted shrimps, etc.
  • How to get: Taking bus No.219, 35, 59, 82, 165, 170, 208 to Qinghua Road; or bus No.5, 13, 47, 59A, 64, 78, 81 to Qingjiang Road.
Thatched Cottage Food

Wuhou Food District——武侯祠

There are some famous restaurants with good environment can be found in the Wuhou Temple Street, like the medicated food of Qin Shan Zhai is the must eat nutritious dish when you come here. In Shuangnan food plaza has Sichuan cuisine restaurant, seafood restaurant, western-style restaurant and hot pot restaurant; In addition there is Chongqing Kongliang eel hot pot which packed with people every day, Laoshi Family’s spicy crab, Cantonese home cooking dish Liang’s Guangdong Food Stall.
  • How to get: Taking bus No.8, 21 to Wuhou Temple Street; or Taking bus No.51, 52, 53, 72, 100, 111, 175, 334, 368, 805 and 809 to Wuhou Avenue; or Taking bus No.21 to Shuangnan.
Wuhou Food District

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