Chen Mapo Toufu

Chen Mapo Toufu is one of traditional dish of Han nationality in Sichuan and it is a China time-honored brand named by government. Chen Mapo Toufu was established in Qing dynasty (1862), and it was opened in the north of Chengdu. Chen Mapo Toufu was called Chen Xingsheng Eating House in the past; the chief was the wife of Chen Xingsheng. The Toufu cooked by Ms Chen is hot, spicy, fragrant, and soft and with good shape and full of Sichuan flavor. In a short time, Ms Chen’s Toufu was famous; many people went there to eat delicious Toufu. Some nosy people make fun of pockmarked face of Chen so that they called her Toufu “Mapo Toufu (Mapo means pockmarked woman in Chinese)”. And therefore, the eating house was named “Chen Mapo Toufu Restaurant”.

The feature of Chen Mapo toufu is sprinkling with henna beaf and green garlic bolt, and bright and clear oil are around the plastic, it is like chrysophoron embedded in the jade.

Chen Mapo Toufu gets a lot of honor in the Chinese cooking history. It is famous since Qing dynasty and now it is famous not just in Chengdu, but in China and even overseas. Chen Mapo Toufu Restaurant remains the traditional feature and also develops a new idea to make Mapo Toufu more tasted. With the development of tourism, more and more tourist from overseas comes here to taste famous Mapo Toufu. In 1999, Chen Mapo Toufu Restaurant was rewarded as “Appointed Travelers Host” of Chengdu.

Where to Eat Mapo Tofu in Chengdu

• Chengdu Yingxiang Restaurant
Add: Zhai Alley No.16, Qingyang District
Signature Dish: Mapo Tofu, Double Cooked Pork Slices, Kung Pao Chicken (spicy diced chicken with peanuts)
Recommended reason: Situated in the Zhai Alley, it is a reformed Sichuan dishes with delicate look and taste, but the dishes here might be a little bit higher. Mapo Tofu here is authentic and will suit your taste.

Mapo Tofu

Chen Mapo Toufu Restaurant
Add: No.197, West Yulong Street, Qingyang District
Signature Dish:ig. Mapo Tofu, Double Cooked Pork Slices, Kung Pao Chicken (spicy diced chicken with peanuts), Chicken Noodle
Recommended reason: Mapo Tofu in this restaurant is very delicious, hot and spicy with just the right flavor. Though the beef granules are not too much but they are b
Wuhou Chief
Add: Yard 3 of the Jinli Street 2nd phase project, Wuhou Temple, Wuhou District
Signature Dish: Mapo Tofu, Snowflake Beef with Green Pepper Flavor, Kung Pao Chicken (spicy diced chicken with peanuts)
Recommended reason: It is located in the Jinli Street and is of a good environment. The dishes there are good, and there is performance to watch when you are having meal. With good environment, delicious dishes and enjoyable performance, this is really good place to have meal.