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Top Western Restaurants in Chengdu

Now more and more local Chengdu people like western food. This is good news for foreign tourists who miss hometown cuisines. Here Top China Travel will list Top and Delicious western-style restaurants in Chengdu.

Peter’s Tex-Mex Grill

Add: No.117 North Kehua Rd.
Signature Cuisine: baked potato, burrito, mashed potato, chef salad, spaghetti, cream of mushroom soup, pizza
It is a Tex-Mex style restaurant. There is beautiful tablecloth, soft lamplight, hot music that is all appearing a Mexico breath. Main course and salad is pretty good, and baked potato has its characteristic flavor which worth to try.

Grandma Kitchen

Add: No. 75 North Kehua Rd.
Signature Cuisine: American Home Cooking, Tiramisu, raspberry milkshake, steak, borsch

Grandma’s Kitchen is a special restaurant that serves American Home cuisine with a decoration in New England style. Taking red bricks as the main material to decorate, you will feel like to enter into a kitchen in your grandma’s house.

Grandma’s Kitchen gives people an appropriately warm and homey atmosphere with farm-style chandeliers and wall lamps, and straight back wooden chairs and gingham cushions.

Grandma’s Kitchen provides reliable and flavorful food. The club sandwich with its perfectly buttered bread is said to really wonderful and will remind you of sandwiches from your favorite deli.

Wang Steak

Add: No.8, Building 1, MIXC, Shuangqing Road, Chenghua District
Signature Cuisine: Beefsteak, Chanson rose water, Caesar salad, French Pan-Fired Goose Liver, roast short ribs, rib eye steak
Wang Steak is an authentic western-style restaurant. Its cookery is normally far removed from everyday food with European imperial style and good service. The taste is great and authentic, and there is a good place for people who like to eat western-style food. This restaurant is focus on steak, its signature dish of Formosa steak is tender and bathed in its own natural gravy, and it is really tasty.
Top Western Restaurants in Chengdu-Wang Steak

Sabrina Restaurant

Add: No. 141 North Kehua Rd. Huayuan Hotel Second Floor
Signature Cuisine: Chocolate Lava Cake, Seafood soup, French Lamb Rock with Red Wine Sauce, mashed potato, Caesar salad, Provence toast fish
The environment and taste is the one of best western-style restaurants in Chengdu. Quite and elegant environment, good service towards customers and tasty flavor makes here a very good place to have meal. Well-praised French Lamb Rock with Red Wine Sauce, Provence toast fish and chocolate lava cake is very delicious. The chocolate lava cake will surprise you, its outer cake is very soft and inner black chocolate is not very sweet, and the heat is very suitable.
Top Western Restaurants in Chengdu-Sabrina Restaurant

The River House

Add: No. 55 of second section of Renmin South Road, Minshan Restaurant 21st Floor
Signature Cuisine: Tiramisu, matsutake chicken soup, salmon salad, salmon in olive oil, rib eye, Chinese prickly ash ice cream
The River House is located in the 21st floor of Minshan Hotel. The best seat is a row of seat beside the window. The interval between every seat is quite far, and every seat is close to French window that the beautiful scenery of Renmin South Road and Jinjiang Bridge is under your eye. Recommend trying Chinese prickly ash ice cream. Although it looks simple and has an unattractive appearance, its taste is really special and strong. When you put it into mouth, it is smooth milk ice cream, after you chewing it, the flavor of Chinese prickly ash spreads in your mouth which is so special. After the spicy flavor disappears, there is coming ice cream sweet, and this kind of taste is truly unforgettable.
Top Western Restaurants in Chengdu-The River House

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