Where to Stay in Xian

Xi'an has a long history and very thick culture accumulation, it is the People's Republic of China promulgated the first batch of national historical and cultural city. In recent years, Xi'an tourism industry developing rapidly, tourism facilities have been improved continuously, tourism has already become the pillar industry and leading industry in Xi'an. Xi'an is also the first city acquired "China excellent tourism city" title. As one of the world's four major ancient civilization (Xi’an, Athens, Rome, and Cairo), it have unique tourism resources, is a famous historic city in the world. Around Xi'an there are 120 imperial mausoleums. Xi'an is the starting point of the famous Silk Road. Western Han dynasty, the emperor sent Zhangqian to the western regions, officially opened the Silk Road started at Chang’an, and connected Eurasia. Here we will present you where to stay in Xian.

Center of Xi’an

The city has resourceful tourist attractions: The first landmark visitors will encounter in Xian is the ancient Xian City Wall, which stretches round the old city. It is also one of the most famous attractions in Xian. The Bell Tower with a history of over 600 years is located at the center of Xian City, at the junction of the South, North, East and West Roads in the city. It is the largest bell tower in structure and shape and best-preserved one in China. Muslim Street Located in the center of Xian City, the Muslim Street is a fantastic place to wander. All shops and restaurants in the street are operated by Muslims. The stalls flanking the narrow alleys sell almost everything you can imagine. There are even a number of stalls selling parts of aircraft. The 3000 pieces of Steles Forest in the Ming dynasty which has been hailed as a library of the forest of steles museum; and Bell Tower In high and steep natural landscape, nearby have many scenic spots, such as forest park. Humanities landscape plus the ancient city, constitute the verve of ancient Xi'an unique charm.
Xi'an  City Wall

Yanta District 雁塔区

Yanta District is located in south of Xi’an city, it is municipal district, gain the name because there are Big Wild Goose Pagoda built in the tang dynasty. a large reserves of cultural relics-- the Shaanxi History Museum; The Big Wild Goose Pagoda or Giant Wild Goose Pagoda is a well-preserved holy place for Buddhist with a history of over 1300 years. It is the landmark building of Xian, the key national cultural relics and AAAA attraction; Northwest's oldest mosques Great Mosque of Xi’an, and many attractions. The whole district is.23.1 km long, from north to south is 9.9 kilometers wide, with a total area of 152 square kilometers.

Where to stay in Xian Yanta District? There is high and new tech development zone in this district on the west, and there are many attractions and cultural sites which form the unique pattern of this area, is a famous Chinese science and education cultural tourism district.
Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Lintong District 临潼区

Lintong District is the eastern gate of Xi'an, from Qin to Han and Tang dynasty; Lintong is at the heart of China's political, economic and cultural activities center. There are very rich in historical sites, cultural relic’s protection units in the district. There are 2 national AAAAA level scenic spots like Terracotta Warriors, Huaqing Hot Spring, 2 national AAAA level scenic spots like Mount li, The Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Among these attractions, the Terra Cotta Warriors is listed as world cultural heritage, Mount li scenic area is one of one of the first scenic spot by the national nature reserve.
Terrracotta Warrior
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Recommended Hotels/ Hostels

► Sofitel on Renmin Square Xian(Rank:Deluxe Hotels )
Address: 319 Dongxin Street, Xian, China, 710004
Direction: It is only 40 kilometers away from Xian International Airport and 1 kilometer away from the railway station
Built to meet the elaborate standards of China new platinum five-star hotel rating, the Sofitel Xian on Renmin Square is the ultimate accommodation facility in the ancient city of Xian. Its design is of astounding contemporary concept. With a full range of spacious and well-appointed rooms, suites and apartments, state-of-the-art business facilities and exquisite dining and recreation options, Sofitel Xian on Renmin Square is a perfect choice for the most astute of business and leisure travellers.
Attractions nearby:
New Time Square (1.1 miles/14 mins)
The Eight Route Army Memorial Hall (1.3 miles/16 mins)
The Bell Tower (1.3 miles/ 16 mins)
Stele Forest (1.5 miles/18 mins)
► Golden Flower Hotel Xian (Rank: Deluxe Hotels )
Address: 8 Chang Le Road West, Xian, China, 710032
Direction: Xianyang International Airport: 40km
The Golden Flower Hotel Xian by Shangri-La offers a warm service and features the most spacious accommodations among China Hotels. This deluxe hotel will be a good choice during Xian tour. With an ideal location, comfortable accommodation in addition to a range of facilities and exceptional service, Golden Flower Hotel goes beyond the offerings of other Xian hotels.
Attractions nearby:
The Eight Route Army Memorial Hall (3.8 miles)
Stele Forest  (4.0 miles)
New Time Square (4.0 miles)
The Bell Tower (4.2 miles)
► Roffar Tianyue Gloria Plaza Hotel (Rank: First Class Hotel )
Address: Pre-oppening Office 15, Yanta North Road, Xian, China, 710000
Direction: It is 45 kilometer to the airport and 5kms to the railway station. Only 15 minutes walk from the hotel to the city center and close to most attractive sites of Xian
Tianyue Gloria International Hotel is a rapidly expanding regional hotel group with sales and reservations offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Europe. The group manages sixteen hotels throughout the People Republic of China, with Gloria Grand Hotels in Haikou; Gloria Plaza Hotels in Beijing, Suzhou, Nanchang, Shenyang, Dalian, Xian, Wanzhou Chongqing and Harbin; Gloria Inns in Harbin, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao and Shenyang; Gloria Holiday Villas in Qinhuangdao and Gloria Resort and Cactus Resort in Sanya, Hainan, and the soon-to-open Gloria Plaza Hotel in Shenzhen.
Attractions nearby
Yongning Gate (1.2 miles/15 mins)
Stele Forest  (1.3 miles/16 mins)
Shaanxi History Museum (1.7 miles/ 21 mins)
The Bell Tower (2.1 miles/ 26 mins)
►Xian Aurum International Hotel(Rank:First Class Hotel )
Address: 30 Nanxin Sreet, Xian, China, 710000
Direction: Xianyang International Airport: 45 km, Railway Station: 1.5
Aurum International Hotel is a national standard 4-star hotel with complete facilities, is an ideal place for tour, business journey and conference. There are 302 rooms of all kinds, with safe box, minibar, and broad-band internet. The hotel also provides room service, free shoes cleaning, babysitting, and bed-adding and laundry service.
Attractions nearby:
New Times Square (0.6 miles/ 8 mins)
The Bell Tower (0.7 miles/ 9 mins)
The Drum Tower (1.0/ 12 mins)
Stele Forest (1.2 miles/15 mins)

► Melody Hotel (Rank: Standard Hotel )
Address: No.32, West Avenue, Xian, China, 710004
Direction: In the city center, close to Bell Tower and Drum Tower. There is initial station of the airport bus at the gate
Xian Melody Hotel is an international Standard hotel. It has a total area of more than 10,000 square meters and stands in the center of Xian.
The transportation is convenient. From 30 km of airports, 2.5 km of railway stations. Hotel have 135 of guest room in all fit up refined, furniture investigate, guest room city firsts elect the guest room of the view in Xian, include sigle room, standard suite, sight standard room and so on. The window, can appreciate the beautiful scenery of the shopping center.
Attractions nearby:
Stele Forest (1.6 miles/20 mins)
The Bell Tower (1.9 miles/ 23 mins)
New Times Square (1.9 miles/ 23 mins)
The Drum Tower (2.2/ 27 mins)