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How to plan a trip to Huangshan?

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Q: Why Visit Huangshan? 

Huangshan (黄山) , located in Anhui Province, China,is a popular destination of many travelers’ China trip. Here it has two world heritages sites, Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) and the ancient villages of Xidi and Hongcun. Mt. Huangshan is one of the five most beautiful mountains ranked in China and the thousand year’s old ancient villages of Xidi and Hongcun and a great place for photographers and ancient hui school architecture funs. The villages are the well-preserved and with shrines, bridges and streets.

Q: What to Expect in Huangshan?

  • Mount Huangshan is ranked among the five greatest mountains in China and possesses all the great sceneries that a mountain should have, is a must-go place;
  • Hongcun Village was listed as World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000, it is an ancient village has 400 to 500 years history, here the Ming and Qing hui style architecture are well-preserved;
  • Tunxi Old Street is a very interesting hui style tourist street in Huangshan city, many hotels located around it. Very convenient to have a walk through on the first night you arrive the city.

Q: What to Prepare for Huangshan Trip?

Visa policy in Huangshan.

Huangshan is not covered by those visa-free policies in China, so you need to obtain a visa! Learn more about China visa application knowledgeChina Entry and Exit Tips. China’s 144-hour Visa-free Transit  ,   China 72 Hour Visa Free Policy .

xidi village

How much will it cost roughly for a trip to Huangshan?

  • Bullet train: train ticket from Shanghai to Huangshan is 304 yuan per ticket for second class seat;
  • Taxi fare: flag-fall price of Huangshan city taxis is 7 yuan;
  • Accommodation: hostels and basic room range from 100-200 yuan; economic chain hotels range from 200-400 depend their locations and facilities; hotel at the summit starts from 600 for a single room;
  • Meals & Drinks:  you can survive here on 100 yuan a day; but generally, 150 per person per day is enough for food;
  • Entrance fees : Huangshan scenic site starts from 200 and goes higher if you choose deluxe packages including hot spring and cable car service; cable cars are around 80-120.

Q: How to get to Huangshan?

Huangshan is a China inland city near Shanghai. It doesn’t have many international flights. For foreigner visitors getting here, we suggest you flight to Shanghai first and then take a 4-hour bullet train from Shanghai to Huangshan city to reach here. Optionally you can take another flight from Shanghai to Huangshan as well, but it is not recommended because they are often stopover flights though frequently scheduled.For further information please check related pages listed below:

Q: When to go to Huangshan?

Huangshan is suitable to visit all the year around, each season she will present her unique beauty and impress you with astonishing views. Learn more about Best time to visit Huangshan please click here. However, there are some periods better to be avoided : Spring Festival, National holiday and May holiday.


Q: How Long to Stay in Huangshan?

Generally speaking, 4 days is good enough to most of Guangzhou.

  • Day 1 Arrive Huangshan + Tunxi Old Street
  • Day 2 Huangshan scenic area+ climb Huangshan + spend night in the mountain + watch magnificent Huangshan sunrise the next morning
  • Day 3 Hongcun village + Xidi Village
  • Day 4 Shexian + Chengkan
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Q: Where to Stay in Huangshan? 

Many tourists will plan to stay one night at Tunxi Old Town and the other night on the summit of the mountain. However, you can also stay in Tangkou Town or the hot spring area.

  • Tunxi Old Street is located 65 km away from the foot of Huangshan Mount and about 10 km away from the gate of Huangshan Mount. Lots of hotel of all range here and the price is very acceptable compared to those near to the scenic areas.
  • Stay at Summit is the most convenient option to witness the great Huangshan sunrise and sunset. But the hotels on the summit are limited and much higher for everything.
  • Tangkou Town locates 10km at the foot of Huangshan Mountain and 64 km north of Tunxi town. Near Huangshan scenic area and prices are more reasonable here than stay in the mountain, plus he electrical cable cars are setting off here.
  • Hot spring Area locates at the southern foot of the mountain. Have a good spring water bath at those hotels after a hard climbing day is good great way to release the stress in travelling.
  • Learn more about where to stay in Huangshan please click here.

Q: Getting around in Huangshan 

Huangshan city is not a big city on its own, and it is mainly functioned as a service city for its famed Huangshan scenic area. Huangshan Tunxi airport is only 7km away from downtown, for visitors, getting around here mainly rely on taxi.

How to Get to Huangshan city centre from Huangshan Tunxi Airport?

  • By Airport Shuttle Bus: Airport Shuttle Buses heading to downtown costs 20 yuan and only 15 minutes for this 7km-journey;
  • By Taxi: A taxi ride from Tunxi Airport to downtown will take about 20 yuan and it only takes a few minutes. But the drivers rarely run meter, so it depends on your bargain skills to get a deal. From airport  to your downtown hotel should cost no more than 50 yuan (if not counting tips);
  • By transfer service: You can also contact us at sales@topchinatravel.com to book an Airport Transfer Service to your hotel or vice versa;
  • Learn more about Huangshan Airport

How to Get to Huangshan from Shanghai

Get to Huangshan by Air, Train, Bus, from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing

How to Get to Wuyuan from Huangshan

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