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Where to Stay in Huangshan

Huangshan is located in southern Anhui province in eastern China. This city is most famous for Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mount) Scenic Area, which is well known for its scenery, sunsets, peculiarly shaped granite peaks, Huangshan Pine trees, hot springs, winter snow, and views of the clouds from above. It attracts millions of visitors to travel to this place every year.

For those who come to this place for the first time and are not familiar with it, where to stay in Huangshan to position the best location may be a question, as accommodation is also an important portion of a trip. Here is some useful information about where to stay in Huangshan for tourists to have maximum exploration of this place.

Generally, Huangshan refers to a broader scene, including Huangshan Mount Scenic Area, Tangkou Town and Tunxi Old Town. Tunxi Town is the downtown of Huangshan City; Tangkou Town is s small town located in the front of the gate of Huangshan Mount Scenic Area. About where to stay in Huangshan for tourists, there are a couple of choices. Many tourists prefer to choose to stay one night at Tunxi Old Town and the other night on the summit of the mountain. This is a usual way. But you can also stay in Tangkou Town or the foot of Huangshan Mountain (Yungu Area and Hot Spring Area). You may see the details as follow.

Travel to Huangshan

Tunxi Old Street Area

Tunxi Old Street is located 65 km away from the foot of Huangshan Mount, with about 1.5 hours’ drive. And Tangkou Town is about 10 km away from the gate of Huangshan Mount. If you go to Huangshan Mount Scenic Area, Tangkou town is the only way which must be passed, where you are required to take a so-called the only way which must be passed.

Tunxi is an old town, as well as the city center of Huangshan City. The highlights in Tunxi include Laojie (Old Street), a souvenir street lined with wooden shops, and also a lot of Ming and Qing Dynaty style Huizhou buildings. Wancuilou in the town offers an in-depth look at Huizhou architecture, antiques and furniture. You can stay one night in Tunxi in the first day you arrive there, so that you can have a leisure stroll to the old streets to experience the culture there. Then go to visit the mountain next day. This place is near to Huangshan Railway Station and bus station, which makes it a perfect transit center to Hongcun Village, Xidi Village and Yellow Mountain area.

There are a variety of hotels in this area, from 5 star deluxe hotels to budget B&B. You can book the accommodation as per your budget.


Stay at Summit

If you want to spend more time to see the Yellow Mountain view, sunrise and sunset, staying at summit for one or two nights would be a ideal choice. But there are limited hotels on the summit, including Huangshan Beihai Hotel, Xihai Hotel, Shilin Hotel Huangshan, Paiyunlou Hotel Huangshan, Bai Yun Hotel, Yupinglou Hotel Huangshan and Tianhai Mountain Villa. The price of the hotels on the summit is usually much higher than that down the mountain. They would be easily fully booked in tourist peak season, so if you want to stay on the summit, it is suggested to book the hotel as early as you can. There is another way if the hotels are fully booked on the day, you can choose to camp on the mountain. But it is not recommended to camp in winter, as it is very cold.


Tangkou Town

Tangkou Town is located 10km in the foot of the mountain, and 64 km north of Tunxi town. To put it in another way, Tangkou Town is a spring board for your adventure to Huangshan Mountain, because you have to transfer to so-called environmental bus to get into the foot of the mountain from here. Then you can choose to either take a cable car up to the summit or hike on foot.

In addition, you can store your excess luggage or buy some necessary supplies for your stay or hike on the mountain.

There are a lot of hotel in the town, star hotels, guesthouses, youth inns, etc. It is up to you.

Hotspring Area

Hotspring area is located in the southern foot of the mountain. Huangshan is rich in hot spring resources, and is also known for hot spring. It would not be a bad idea to enjoy a hot spring while traveling here.

Recommended Hotel by TCT

@5 Star

►Huangshan International Hotel
Address: No 31 Huashan Road Tunxi, Huangshan 245000, China
Nearby: Tunxi Old Street

►Huangshan Xiangming Hotel
Address: NO.2 Yinbing Avenue Huangshan city Anhui Province of China
Nearby: Tunxi Old Street

@4 Star

►Huangshan Beihai Hotel
Address: Beihai Scenic Area, on Mt. Huangshan
Surrounding: Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area

►Huangshan Xinan Country Villa Hotel
: Xin Hua Shan Road, Tunxi, Huangshan
Surrounding: Tunxi Old Street

@3 Star

►Huangshan Baiyun Hotel
Address: Tianhai Tourism Resort, on Mt. Huangshan, Huangshan 245800 , China
Surrounding: Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area

►Oriental Holiday Hotel Huangshan
Address: No.39 Yanan Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan
Surrounding: opposite Tunxi Old Street, 3 km away from the airport, the railway station and the bus station

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