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How to Get to Wuyuan from Huangshan

A is for Huangshan and B for Wuyuan

Where is Wuyuan?

Wuyuan (婺源) County is situated in the northeast of Jiangxi Province. It is east to Quzhou - the national historical city-, north to Mount Huang - the national tourist attraction, west to Jingdezhen - the capital of porcelain, and south to Mount Sanqing - the famous sacred mountain. The nearest city is Jingdezhen. The countryside in Wuyuan is reknowned throughout China. There are many small villages and temples throughout the region, and a number of scenic spots where it is rewarding just to stop and look around.

How to Get to Wuyuan from Huangshan?

Option 1 Huangshan→Wuyuan (Via Bus)
There are only two express buses leaving for Wuyuan from Huangshan Tunx Bus Station every day. One leave at 8:00 in the morning and the other leave at 12:30 at noon. The bus ride takes about 2 hours.

You may get dropped off at Wuyuan's new bus station which is bigger and caters for long-distance buses, but you need to get to the old north bus station (taxi roughly ¥10 or try a local bus) for buses to some of the villages (especially the eastern villages).

Option 2 Huangshan→Wuyuan (Via High-speed Train)

There are 19 high-speed trains running between huangshan North Sataion and Wuyuan every day. The first train departs at 08:14 and the lat one departs at 19:10. The journey takes about 30 minutes and the ticket fare cost about 35 to 110 depending what knid of seat you choose. One thing you need to be noticed is that Wuyuan is just a stop by station en route of this train, so don't miss your stop.

Option 3 Huangshan →Jingdezhen →Wuyuan
Wuyuan does not have a train station. The nearest city is Jingdezhen. One can take a train to get to Jingdezhen Train Station first. Then hip on a taxi in front of the train station to get to Licun Bus Station(which only takes 10 minutes and costs about 10 yuan), where there are regular buses from the Licun Bus Station to Wuyuan new Bus Station. The bus journey takes about two hours.

Please visit Train schedule from Huangshan to Jingdezhen

Option 4 Huangshan →Jingdezhen →Wuyuan
The nearest city is Jingdezhen, where there are regular buses from the Licun Bus Station to Wuyuan new Bus Station (2 hours). You can take a bus from Tunxi Bus Station in Huangshan downtown to arrive at Jingdezhen first. Then go to Wuyuan from Jingdezhen.

Travel Guide

If you have enough time for this trip, you can take the transfer way via Jingdezhen. Have a one or two days tour in Jingdezhen. Then continue your trip to Wuyuan.

The best time to travel to Wuyuan is in March and April, when the rape flowers bloom. At that time, the mountains are decorated with red azaleas; the hills are covered by green tea plants and golden blooming rape flowers. All this things make this place a wonderland.


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