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Where to Stay in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is famous for its foreign trade in China. The Canton Fair is one of the most famous Import and Export Fair in the world. Actually, most of visitors come to this city for business instead of tourism, Guangzhou is more of a busniess city rather than a tourist city. Usually, one or two days for sightseeing in Guangzhou city would be enough. So if you come here for business, you can leave one or two days to explore the city after work.

For those who have never been to Guangzhou before, they may have no idea about places to stay for the nights in Guangzhou. Where to stay in Guangzhou is the best location to explore the city? Here, some useful information about choosing the best location to stay in Guangzhou would be present to you as follow. They are just for your reference, you can make your specific requirement when you book hotel online or through hotel suppliers.

How Guangzhou Districts are Charted & Where should I stay?

map of guangzhou updated to 2017

Guangzhou consists of 11 districts. As the photograph above shows, they are Cong Hua(从化区), Hua Du(花都区), Bai Yun(白云区), Zeng Cheng(增城区), Huangpu(黄浦区), Pan Yu(番禺区), Nan Sha(南沙区), Yue Xiu(越秀区), Li Wan(荔湾区), Tian He(天河区), Hai Zhu(海珠区). The last four are the downtown area of Guangzhou and are convenient area for you to choose a well connected hotel to stay in Guangzhou.

guangzhou tourists sites location map
Guangzhou tourists sites location map for your referance.

Tianhe Commercial Area

Tianhe commercial Area (天河商业区) is located in downtown Guangzhou. This place is a newly developed area in Guangzhou with many skyscrapers, high-end shopping malls and western restaurants. This area homes the highest concentration of shopping malls in China. If you would like to do shopping and relaxing in Guangzhou, Tianhe commercial Area would be the first choice for you. Where to stay in Guangzhou? There are a variety of hotels in this area, from 5-star deluxe hotels to 3-star budget ones. However, the land in Tianhe is most expensive in Guangzhou, thus room rates in this district are generally the most expensive. By the way, a number of western Guangzhou expats work and live in this area.

In addition, Guangzhou East Railway Station is situated near to this area. Direct trains from Guangzhou to Hong Kong all depart from Guangzhou East Railway Station. It you stay in this are, it would be convenient for you to get to Hong Kong from East Railway station.

tianhe area in guanghzou

Shangxiajiu/Up & Down 9 Commercial Area

Shangxiajiu Commercial Area(上下九商业区) is sited in Liwan District (荔湾区). Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is traditionally prosperous Commercial Street in the city. Staying in this area is convenient for shopping, eating, sightseeing and relaxing. There are a couple of historical relics with folk culture, like Hualin Temple, Temple of Chen Family, Wenta Pagoda, Liwan Museum, Shamian Island, etc. Also, there are a lot of time-honored restaurants for you to taste local cuisine, like Lianxianglou Restaurant, Taotaoju Restaurant, Guangzhou Restaurant and Quxiang Cake Store. The local snake or Dim Sum in these restaurants is quite famous. And the price of accommodation here is a little cheaper than that in Tianhe.

up down 9 and beijing lu commercial area of guangzhou

This map above shows you the location of up & down 9 Pedestraion Street on the left and the Beijing Road commercial area on the right.

shangxiajiu commercial area at night

Beijing Road Commercial Area

Beijing Road Commercial Area (北京路商业区) is sited in Yuexiu District. Beijing Road is one of the busiest Pedestrian Streets in the city. This area has been the downtown of Guangzhou for a long time. This area home many historical sites with thousands of history, such as Six Banyan Tree Temple, Nanyue Palace Museum, the ancient road with 1000 years and relics of ancient archway and so on.

Where to stay in Guangzhou? This area is closed to Huizhu Square and Shangxiajiu Street. Staying here, one can also walk along the bank of Pearl River to relax or join the Pearl River cruise at night. This area is a perfect location for relaxing, shopping, eating and sightseeing. There are a lot of shopping malls and restaurants along the street. It has convenient transport, Metro Line 1 and 2 run through this place.

beijing road commercial area guangzhou

Baiyun District Area

Baiyun District(白云区) is situated in the north of the city. Guanghzou Baiyun International Airport is located in this district. One can find many hotels near to the airport. Usually, the hotels near this district are the cheapest within Guangzhou city, for it a little far from the downtown. It costs approximately 40 minutes by taxi from the airport to downtown through highway. This place is good for visitors who make transits for flights in Guangzhou or arrive in Guangzhou late at night. Also, for those who do not want to spend too much on accommodation and not mind staying far from the downtown, this area is a good choice.

Baiyun Airport

Pazhou Exhibition Area

Canton Fair is held in Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center(广州琶洲国际会展中心:the main Hall of the Canton Fair). Where to stay in Guangzhou? If you are planning a business trip for attending Canton Fair, staying in Pazhou would be a good choice; it will cost less time to travel between your hotel and the fair. But as Pazhou is sited in the suburban district of Guangzhou, you will have to take a long time to get to downtown from here. And as Canton Fair is quite hot, during the fair, hotels nearby are usually fully booked and is quite expensive. You'd better book much earlier to ensure the room space of hotels.

Recommended Hotels by Top China Travel

@ 5 Star

►Dong Fang Hotel Guangzhou
: 120 Liuhua Road, Guangzhou, China.
Nearby: near to Beijing Road Commercial Area and Yuexiu Park; get to the Guangzhou Airport, Guangzhou Railway Stataion, Guangzhou East Railway Station and Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center within 30 minutes by car.

Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

Address:No.5 Zhujiang West Road Pearl River New City, Tian He, 510623 Guangzhou

Nearby: Located in the city center, Four Seasons Hotel is a 5-minute walk from Guangzhou Opera House and a 10-minute drive from Canton Tower. Guangdong Museum is a 15-minute stroll away

@ 4 Star

►Guangzhou Pazhou Hotel
Address: 37 Xingang Dond Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou.
Nearby: 15 minute's walk to Pazhou International Exhibition Center, 30 kilometers from Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou Zoo (6.2 Km), Beijing Road (7.8 Km), Haizhu Wholesale Market (8.3 Km), Western Han Nanyue King Tomb Museum (8.6 Km)

►Guangzhou Ocean Hotel
Address: No.412 Huanshi Dong Lu,Guangzhou,China
Nearby: 15minutes to the Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Pazhou) Complex; Guangzhou Zoo;

@3 Star

►Landsman Hotel Guangzhou
Address: No.111 Liuhua Road Yuexiu District Guangzhou
Nearby: closed to Nanyue Emperor's Tomb Museum, Yue Xiu Mountain and Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall; Baiyun International Airport (34km), Beijing Road Pedestrian Street (3km), Pazhou International Exhibition Center (40km).

►J. Hotel
Address: 105 Tianshou Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.
Nearby: downtown (Tianhe commercial Area), Guangzhou East Railway Station (1.2 km), Beijing Road Pedestrian Street(8.47 km)

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