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How to get to Hangzhou from Huangshan


Where is Hangzhou

Hangzhou is the capital city of Zhejiang Province, famous for the leisure life and good natural view. It is near to Shanghai and about 300 km to Mt. Huangshan. Both Huangshan and Hangzhou the major tourist cities in China. Therefore, when you travel to the East China, both are the must-visit cities.

How to get to Hangzhou from Huangshan? This is a frequently asked question for those who travel to Huangshan for the first time. There are a couple of ways, which is introduced as following.

By High-speed Train (Recommended)

There are two high-speed trains running through Hangzhou East Station (杭州东) and Huangshan North Station (黄山北)  every day. The first train departs at 08:14 and the other departs at 13:50. The duration of this journey takes about 3 hours, and the ticket fare cost between 200 to 400 yuan depending on what kind of seat you take. Below is the time table for your referance.

Time Table for Trains from Huangshan North to Hangzhou East

Train Code Depart Arrive Duration First Class Seat Second Class Seat
G1517 08:14 11:15 3h1m 231 yuan 388.5 yuan
G1507 13:50 16:59 3h9m 231 yuan 388.5 yuan


  • These high speed trains are actually running between huangshan north to shanghai, hangzhou east station is just a stop en route. So don't miss your stop, or, you can also pay a few more fee to have a trip to shanghai via these trains;
  • Giving that mt. huangshan and hangzhou ,shanghai are the hot visited places in east coast area of china, there are always many tourist taking these trains, so booking train tickets early is advised.
  • The information above is updated till 10th July,2018, and it is just for referance, for actual booking and timing we suggest check on offical website.

Although the train fare (based on 2nd class seat) is 2 times of the bus fare, it is more comfortable than bus, with wider seat and more space. The train runs more smoothly than bus. Besides, passengers can also walk for a while if they are too tired to sit for a long time.

Therefore, if your traveling time and tour itinerary can meet the train schedule, we do recommend you to take high speed train instead of bus.

By Bus

Bus is a most convenient and fastest way as the transportatio from Hangzhou to Huangshan. But it is a little more expensive than taking the ordinary trains. Travelers can go to the Huangshan Tunxi Bus Station or the bus station in the Huangshan Scenic Area to buy bus ticket. And then get on the bus. It takes about 3 hours traveling from Huanshan to Hangzhou.

There are many buses departing from Huangshan to Hangzhou. The bus departs every half an hour. In addition, the buses leave the station from 6:50 to 17:50 and the price is between 100 Yuan to 120 Yuan, so you have to watch out the traveling time.


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