How to plan a trip to Hong Kong?

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Q: Why Visit Hong Kong? 

Hong Kong (香港) is now a special administrative region of China since it was turned back to China in 1997 by Great Britain. Before 1997, Hong Kong wa a colony of the British Empire since it was given to Britain during Qing China as result of the First Opium War in 1842. The unique history background of Hong Kong has given her a unique beauty of both east and west. Hong Kong has one of the World’s most picturesque night skylines and the famous Vitoria harbour, Disneyland, Tsim Sha Tsui and so much more to discover. English remains an official language in Hong Kong and the visa free policies for many nationals here had made it always being a popular destination worldwide.

Q: What to Expect in Hong Kong?

  • Hong Kong Disneyland, It is the first Disneyland in China and the second Disneyland in Asia. It is also the most popular destination for parent-child tours, couples and friends in Hong Kong. From the airport to the Disneyland are linked by light rail metro directly. Checking in a Disney theme hotel is also a good experience.
  • Wong Tai Sin Temple,formerly known as the Lin Se Yuan, is one of the most popular temple among Hongkongers.
  • Avenue of Stars Hong Kong, like the design of Hollywood Star Avenue in the United States, there are many handprints and signatures of Hong Kong movie stars and famous directors on the ground.
  • Victoria Harbor, named after Queen Victoria of Britain, is the largest seaport in Asia and one of the world's three major nightscapes.
  • Hong Kong Ocean Park , a world-class theme park with land and sea animal exhibitions and large-scale performances, was awarded the best theme park award in the world in 2012.

Q: What to Prepare for Hong Kong Trip?

Visa policy in Hong Kong.

When you travel to Hong Kong, you do not need to apply a Chinese visa. For many visitors coming from many nations, Hong Kong has a 7 to 180 days visa-free policy. But a passport valid for at least one month to six months (depending on nationality) is a must. Different visa-free stay periods in Hong Kong of different nationals are listed as below for your references:

  • British passport holders, 180 days visa-free;
  • US, Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, CHILE, COLOMBIA, EGYPT, etc passport holders, 90 days visa-free;
  • Albania, Armenia, Cambodia, Afghanistan , Bangladesh, Cambodia , Cameroon, Cuba, Georgia, Myanmar, etc. passport holders are required a visa to enter Hong Kong unless for transit visiting.
  • Learn more about Hong Kong visa policy for every nation please click here;
  • Notice: If you want to travel to China mainland after Hong Kong trip, you may be required to obtain a China visa. Learn more about China visa application knowledge  and China Entry and Exit Tips.

Q: How much will it cost roughly for a trip to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is among the most costly destinations in Asia, most of the travel cost here goes to accommodation and eating.

  • Accommodation: The price of Luxury Hotels with more than four stars is between 1000-2000 yuan(1000yuan is about 1200 Hong Kong dollars); average hotel is 600-1000 yuan; economic hotel is between 300-500 yuan. Near Christmas, New Year and Spring Festival, all kinds of accommodation prices in Hong Kong will rise more than double. Visitors are advised to book two months in advance.
  • Eating in Hong Kong is comparable to that in Beijing and Shanghai. The per capita cost of three meals per day ranges from 100 to 500 yuan. Street snacks in Hong Kong are inexpensive and delicious. Fish eggs, oyster omelets and other snacks are about 20 yuan. A dinner at a local restaurant costs 60-80 yuan. If you eat in a high-end restaurant, you need to pay about 10% tip or surcharge.
  • Transportation: Generally speaking, a four day trip,buy a 400 yuan (500 Hong Kong dollars) octopus card is enough. The average cost of the subway in Hong Kong is about 10-16 yuan per trip, while the bus is about 12 yuan.
  • Taking a taxi in Hong Kong, the starting price is about 16 yuan, and the short distance fare is between 80-160 yuan.
  • Entrance fees: Disney's single day ticket is about 490 yuan (619 Hong Kong dollars).Ocean Park is about 380 yuan (480 Hong Kong dollars). Start avenue and Tsim Sha Tsui and museums are free ticket.

Q: When to go to Hong Kong?


Hong Kong is best to visit from September to January. From June to August, Hong Kong is often bothered by typhoon weathers and the monsoon rains, and after January it will be the biggest and busiest Spring festival time making it too crowded for visitors and since everybody is in a holiday mood, it is hard to find any tour operators working during this time at least not in a reasonable price. Learn more detail about the Best time to visit Hong Kong please click here.

  • Notice: Be sure to avoid travel to Hong Kong during Christmas, Spring Festival and any trade fair or expo periods(avoiding crowds and soared up accommodation fees).

Q: How Long to Stay in Hong Kong?

Generally speaking, 3-4 days is good enough to see Hong Kong.

  • Day 1 Wet Market in Central+ Lin Huang Kui (Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant)+ Wong Tai Sin Temple
  • Day 2 Victoria Harbor+ Victoria Peak+ Aberdeen village+ Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay;
  • Day 3 Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park
  • Day 4 Ngong Ping Village and Po Lin Monbastery & Giant Buddha
  • Day 5 (Optional) trip to Macau, Ruins of St. Paul's+ Macau Museum (Maritime Museum+ Macau Tower.

4 Days Hong Kong Culture Tour

4 Days Hong Kong Culture Tour

Wet Market in Central, Mak’s Noodle LTD, Ngan Ki Heung Tea House, Lin Huang Kui Restaurant, Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, Ngong Ping Village, Po Lin Monbastery & Giant Buddha

Q: Where to Stay in Hong Kong? 

Hong Kong is indeed a very expensive place to stay no matter where you pick your location. And no matter where you choose to base, keep in mind that Hong Kong is a very compact city, staying at where won't make huge difference in traveling and distance. Normally, the areas we recommend travellers to stay in Hong Kong are:

  • Tsim Sha Tsui area, near to most of all the Hong Kong sites and skyscrapers;
  • Mong Kok area, near to the sights and sounds;
  • Hong Kong Island Central area.

Q: Getting around in Hong Kong 

The MTR system is a common mode of public transport in Hong Kong, the fare is quite cheap and it is convenient also.

  • Kwun Tong Line runs on Kowloon and passes Wong Tai Sin Temple Station;
  • Tung Chung Line starts from Hong Kong island and you can get off at Sunny bay and transfer to Hong Kong Disneyland;
  • Tsuen Wan Line connects Hong kong island and Kowloon peninsula,starts from Tsuen Wan and ends in Central, passing by tourist destinations like Mong Kok, Yau ma tei and Tsim sha tsui;
  • South Island Line starts from Admiralty to South Horizons passing Hong Kong Ocean Park.

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4 Days Hong Kong and Macau Discovery Tour

4 Days Hong Kong and Macau Discovery Tour

Victoria Peak, Aberdeen, Ruins of St. Paul's, Macau Museum or Maritime Museum, Macau Tower