Best Places to Visit in Guangdong

Guangdong, a place with numerous tourist and cultural attractions with distinctive local characteristics, borders Hong Kong and Macau and is adjacent to Southeast Asian countries. TopChinaTravel would like to introduce some of the Best Places to visit in Guangdong, to help you find your way to get touch with this bustling and booming city. Where to visit in Guangdong? Travel with us, just let us to be your guide and accompany with you to discover the charms between modern avenues and nostalgic buildings.

Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall(Guangzhou)

Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall
was sponsored by the local people of Guangzhou and overseas Chinese to commemorate Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the great forerunner of Chinese revolution.

It is an octagonal building with grand presence, composed of the arch over the gateway, the memorial hall (the main building) and accessory buildings which are located to the east and west of the Hall. It features a strong Chinese style. It spans as wide as 71 meters in the absence of a single pillar, thanks to the designer's ingenious application of the architectural mechanics and structural combination of steel framework and ferroconcrete.

It has been one of most symbolic buildings of Guangzhou, and it is also a major site for great convention and performance, a tourist attraction to visitors from home and abroad.

Shamian Island(Guangzhou)

Shamian Island, located on the north bank of the Pearl River's White Goose Pool, is an oval islet. Because of the numerous buildings of Western classicism on the island, it has recently been designated as a key protected relic of the state, and is called the 'Ninth Sight of Guangzhou'.

The island boasts many trees and comfortable environment, together with such buildings, organizations, sports and entertainment facilities. What is worth mentioning on Shamian Island is its restricted planning area, namely the area protected by the state as key historical relics, including the architectural complex built during the concession period in Shamian's modern times.

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees(Guangzhou)

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, known as Liu Rong Temple in Chinese, is a renowned Buddhist cultural site in Guangzhou. The temple enshrines three large Buddhist statues--the biggest copper Buddhist statues existing in Guangdong province.

Burning joss sticks is a big event when visiting the temple. Inside you will find three large Buddist icons; Sakyamuni in the middle, Amitabha to the left, and Maitreya on the right. The thousand-Buddha copper pillar cast in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) is kept on the top story of the pagoda. Because of the colorful exterior carvings, it is popularly known as the Flower Pagoda. The sculpture in the wooden eaves and the ceiling here is exquisite and there are hundreds of small posing Buddha's peering out at visitors as they make the climb up the steep staircase.

Window of the World(Shenzhen)

Window of the World in Shenzhen features the world wonders, historical interest sites, scenic spots, natural landscapes, folk dwelling and customs, and world-renowned sculptures and drawings, even folklore and theatrical performances are available here.

There are 118 magnificent attractions divided into nine scenic areas in this park. They are the World Square, the Area of Asia, International Street, the Sculpture Park, the Recreational Center of Modern Science & Technology, the Area of America, the Area of Africa, the Area of Europe and the Area of Oceanic.

Among the sights, there're quite a lot of the world wonders such as the spectacular 108-meter-tall "Eiffel Tower" that stands erect. Tourists can take the elevator to its top to admire the beauty of scenery of Shenzhen and Hong Kong on the heights. Beside the giant tower, the "Niagara Falls" is rushing down with force of thunderbolts.

Splendid China and Cultural Folk Villages(Shenzhen)


Splendid China in Shenzhen is an attraction that minifies landscape of Chinese History, ancient architecture and folk customs. It is a great place to view the most splendid sites around China within one day.

Nearly 100 tourist spots around China are replicated in this theme park, such as the Great Wall, the Terracotta Army, the Forbidden City, etc…The scale models are in the main in a ratio of 1:15 and the exhibits are positioned to replicate their geographical locations and surrounded by pleasant gardens with many flowers and trees.


China Folk Culture Villages, next to the Splendid China, is another theme park. It is the first big cultural and scenic venue showcasing folk arts and Chinese customs in a village setting.



It is a great place to learn about 55 ethnic groups in China with their distinctive architecture, customs and exotic flavor. Except the unique buildings and minority groups, there are still something interesting; folk dances, local snacks and varied handicrafts could make your Shenzhen Tours more interesting

Wong Fei-hung Memorial Hall(Foshan)

Wong Fei-hung Memorial Hall is located in central Foshan City and in the north part of the Foshan Ancestral Temple.

The building is modeled after the wok-handle fire-walled house of the Qing Dynasty. It reproduces the style of folk residence and ancestral temple when Huang Feihong-the great martial master was alive.The building is divided into a show room, Huang Feihong Cinema, a hall for practicing Wushu, all of these represent the charism of the great master the life.

Wong Fei-hung, a Chinese martial artist, physician, acupuncturist and revolutionary who became a folk hero and the subject of numerous films and television series, was considered an expert in the Hung Gar style of Chinese martial arts.

Foshan Ancestral Temple(Foshan)

Foshan Ancestral Temple
(Foshan Zumiao) is located in the downtown of Foshan. It consists of the portico (Qian Dian), the main hall (Zheng Dian), the Festival Hall of Truth (Qingzhen Lou), the Pond of Scented Brocade (Jinxiang Chi) and the Theatre of a Thousand Good Fortunes (Wanfu Tai) which is decorated with gilded carvings.

It is dedicated to the God of the North, Ruler of the Waters. Although the Chinese name ''Zumiao'' means ''Temple of the Ancestors'', this simply indicates that it is the oldest temple in town, "the ancestor of temples".

Its most interesting feature is the rich ceiling decoration with many figures.

Xiqiao Mountain(Foshan)

Xiqiao Mountain has been lauded as a treasure and “the Pearl of South China” in the PRD history. With stunning natural beauty, 72 queer peaks and 36 serene caves, 207 streams, 28 waterfalls, 9 scenic spots, etc…

Xiqiao Mountain is star-studded by lakes, waterfalls, springs, riffles, rocks, cliffs, ponds and terraces, where lush and verdant greens and thick mosses distribute densely and abundant water reserves treasure.

Though had experienced a lot, Xiqiao Mountain has reserved abundant of historical and cultureal heritages that approved human overcame nature. It has been awarded laurels as “National Key Scenic Spot”, “National AAAA-grade Scenic Spot”, “National Forest Park” and “National Geological Park".

Zhuhai New Summer Palace(Zhuhai)

Zhuhai New Summer Palace
in Zhuhai is a replica of the original Summer Palace in Beijing. The park is split into three main areas: the Classical Southern Chinese Gardens, the Western Building and the Imperial Gardens from Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Sights at the Palace include exhibitions of Imperial belongings and Chinese architecture. Performers dress as soldiers and court ladies walk around the grounds of the palace and take part in a variety of shows, from traditional dances and sea-battle re-enactments.

Stop by the photographic studio near the exit where you can experience the costumes for yourself, if you would like to know what you would look like in these traditional outfits.