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Strange Slope Scenic Area


Qingshuitai Town, Xinchengzi District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province.

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A comprehensive resort.

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  • Summer:5:30a.m.-4:30p.m.
  • Winter: 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m.

Strange Slope Scenic Area is located in the Shenbei District in Shanyang. This place is famous for its strange slope. This slope is in an 80 meters length and 15 meter width. It was discovered in April 1990. 

Why it is Called Strange Slope

It was strange that when car is parking on this slope, the car will slide to the top of the slope instead of to the bottom of the slope. Experts and scholars have attempted to discern the mystery of the Strange Slope. Commonly scholars attribute this phenomenon to magnetic fields and optical illusions. Owing to the lack of evidence for a solid explanation, Strange Slope is still regarded as a mystery.

Three Mysteries

Together with the Strange Slope, the following two sights compose the 'Three Mysteries' of the scenic spot.

Xiangshan is located on a hillside 100 meters (328 feet) away from the Strange Slope. Here, when you stomps on the hillside, you hears a loud sound resonating from the earth below. Its name, Xiangshan, means a hill which produces a heavy sound.

Wongding is another hilltop located close by. Similarly, its name (pronounced 'wong') describes the sound which results from a wooden hammer or a stone hitting the ground.
Added information:

There is a labyrinth between the Strange Slope and Xiangshan, as well as a path with 518 steep steps. The view from atop the steps is fully worthwhile; here visitors can view a panorama of the scenic area.

Five Great Mountains

The area surrounding the Strange Slope Scenic Area is lush and mountainous. Yunmaoshan Mountain is tranquil yet prominent with its lofty peak remaining veiled by clouds year-round.

Wolongshan Mountain winds up and down like a crouching dragon with valleys on its foot covered with Chinese scholar trees.

Guibeishan Mountain, which looks like three tortoises floating in the water, together with other two mountains, Changkongshan Mountain and Dagushan Mountain, make up the famous 'Five Great Mountains' of the Strange Slope Scenic Area.

Shenyang Guaipo Ski Resort

Guaipo (Strange Slope) International Ski Resort is located in the scenic area. This large-scale ski resort offers ski lames for both beginners and professors. 2 high-level lames, 3 middle-level lames, 3 beginner training lames, other courses for special air skills are provided for customers.

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