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Shenyang Botanical Garden


No.301 Shuangyuan Road, Dongling District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province.

Reasons to visit

Nature view with humanity art.

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Opening Hours

  • 8:00 a.m.-5:00p.m.

Shenyang Botanical Garden was established in October of 1959. It mainly aims at the exhibition of botanical resources in the three-north (Northeast, North and Northwest China) region in China.

Shenyang Botanical Garden

The garden covers an area of 189 hectares. In the garden, chains of mountains, poppling lake water, emerald green pine and fir tree, clusters of flowers, and strips of waterfalls can all be founded. There are over 1,700 kinds of plants including rare plants and threatened plants from northeast, northwest, and north part of China as well as Inner Mongolia, which is regarded the one with the maximum types of plants in northeast China.

2006 International Horticultural Exposition

In 2006, Shenyang hosted the International Horticultural Exposition. The site used for the expo was an expansion of the former Botanical Gardens. Many of the Expo buildings and plants remain in place. As a result of the Expo, the gardens are no longer strictly speaking, Botanical Gardens, but instead a representation of garden design and landscapes from around China and around the world.

Shenyang Botanical Garden

Annual Flower Shows

Large-scale annual flower show is also held in the garden, such as the Tulip Show on May Day, the Peony Show on June 1st, the exhibition of lily on July 1st and the exhibition of ground cover chrysanthemum on November 1st. These are scenes rarely seen in Shenyang.

In addition, more than 50 iron chain bridges are built over the lake with different styles, and it has become an item for enthusiastic visitors to come here to visit.

Shenyang Botanical Garden

The items such as the unique children's park and the thrilling and stimulating rock climbing are very impressive for the young people to linger on and enjoy without thinking of going home. All these items have received national patents.

Travel Guide in Shenyang Botanical Garden

The traffic through the garden is very convenient. There are three main entrances of the Botanical Garden. Among them, the West Gate (the front entrance of the garden) is called "the First Gate of Shenyang". Another important entrance is from the train station in the garden area. So you see, it is very convenient for every tourist to visit the whole garden.

Shenyang Botanical Garden

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