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Harbin Ice & Snow Festival: Best Choice for Family Tour in Winter

We all know that spring and autumn are really good seasons for travelling, because you may find summer is too hot while winter is too cold. But it’s time for you to try something usual with your kids, they will love to spend some time in the fantastic world with ice and snow. Harbin can be your best choice for family tour in winter, especially for experiencing the Harbin Ice & Snow Festival.

Find regular tours too normal? Just put Harbin on your bucket list for a more wonderful and distinctive family tour with your kids. Read on to know more about Harbin Ice & Snow Festival, and check places you can go for a visit in Harbin during winter time.


What to Know about Harbin Ice & Snow Festival?

Harbin International Ice & Snow Festival is one of the world's top four ice & snow festivals, together with Japan Sapporo Snow Festival, Canada Quebec Winter Carnival and Norway Holmenkollen Ski Festival. Founded in 1985, Harbin Ice & Snow Festival has shown the glamor of Harbin to the world for decades. The scale of the festival and the size of sculptures are even bigger than the other 3 famous festivals.

As Harbin Ice & Snow Festival has the world’s longest running time for all the activities of the festival, which will be through Chinese Lunar Near Year and Lantern Festival, what you can experience in Harbin are more than snow. Both you and your kids will be so excited to enjoy Chinese culture and local customs in this dreamlike snow and ice world.

Harbin Ice & Snow Festival
Harbin Ice and Snow World

Starts from 5th of January each year, Harbin Ice & Snow Festival lasts for at least a month, usually to the end of February. There are so many activities you could take part in with your kids, you can watch various art work in Harbin Ice and Snow World, snow sculptures in Sun Island Park, explore exhibition of ice lanterns in Zhaolin Park, or go skiing in Yabuli Skiing Resort.


What to See during Harbin Ice & Snow Festival?

Don’t know what to see during Harbin Ice & Snow Festival? Here we have selected some best places for you to spend your winter vacation in Harbin with your kids, which are popular among tourists both in China and in the world.

►Harbin Ice and Snow World, located at the north bank of Songhua River, is the largest theme park of ice and snow in the world. With a unique theme each year, Harbin Ice and Snow World has attracted a great number of people coming for a visit since 1999 when it was founded. In this fascinating world full of ice and snow, you can have a chance to see all kinds of creative sculptures in different theme areas. Night views become more amazing when the lights are lit up, both you and your kids will enjoy a great time in the colorful world.

Harbin Ice & Snow Festival
Harbin Ice and Snow World

►Zhaolin Park, located at the city center of Harbin, is really easy to get to. With the largest outdoor exhibition of ice lanterns in the world, Zhaolin Park is definitely on of the best places to visit during Harbin Ice & Snow Festival. Imagine the perfect combination of exquisite carving skills with ice and snow, all the lifelike ice lanterns and sculptures look so exceptional in the colorful right, which you can experience in no other place but in Harbin. Kids will totally love the magic world with thousands of interesting artworks.

Harbin Ice & Snow Festival
Zhaolin Park

►Sun Island Park displays only snow sculptures, but you could explore more about the local culture and custom in Harbin, as there are museum and gallery inside the park. Situated at the north shore of the Songhua River, Sun Island Park is also a large ecological area along the river, which is suitable for visiting in all the seasons.

►Yabuli Skiing Resort can be your best choice if want to go skiing, after watching all kinds of ice and snow sculptures. As the best skiing resort in China, there are all varieties of trails for you to choose, meanwhile, Yabuli Skiing Resort has the most completed functions, which provide the best facilities for your family. The best time for skiing in Yabuli Skiing Resort is from November to the next March. Except for all the other snow activities in Yabuli Skiing Resort, the well-designed children’s skiing area is more than perfect for families with kids. Choose one hotel around Yabuli Skiing Resort to stay if you want to spend a longer time for skiing, food are good to taste as well.

Yabuli Skiing Resort
Yabuli Skiing Resort


Enjoy Your Harbin Tour with Top China Travel

Harbin, a perfect destination best for winter vacation, can be put on your list for a family tour with your kids. Go and experience Harbin Ice & Snow Festival together. You can check our Harbin tours for some good ideas.


  • 5 Days Harbin & China Snow Town Tour: China Snow Town (including Yangcaoshan Hill & Xueyun Avenue), Old Central Street, St. Sofia Church, Stalin Park, Sun Island, Siberia Tiger Park, Harbin Ice and Snow World

You can create your own Harbin tour if you are not interested in tours above, also visit Beijing, Xi’an or other cities if you have a flexible schedule. Or you can tell us your requirements, and we will customize an ideal itinerary for you.


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