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Best Places to Visit in Guangzhou with Kids

Still considering a perfect destination for your family vacation in China? You’d better not miss Guangzhou when travelling with your kids in China. All sorts of amusement parks may totally be children’s favorite experience in China. Where to go in Guangzhou with kids? What to do in Guangzhou? Keep reading to find out all the best places to visit in Guangzhou with kids.


1.Canton Tower

Canton Tower, as the newly famous landmark of Guangzhou, is definitely one of the best places to visit in Guangzhou with kids. As the highest tower in China and the second highest in the whole world, what you and your kids can experience on Canton Tower are so peculiar. Believe me that you don’t want to miss the world’s longest and highest aerial ladder, the highest outdoor sightseeing platform and the highest sky wheel. Have no idea about where to go in Guangzhou at night? You may find an ideal answer on Canton Tower with your kids.

Canton Tower
Canton Tower


2.Chimelong Tourist Resort

Chimelong Tourist Resort will be your children’s favorite part among all the best places to visit in Guangzhou. With all kinds of parks, there is always one park which may meet your requirements, don’t miss the best choice to have fun with your kids.

  • Chimelong Safari Park is the largest safari park in China with the most numerous species of animals. It’s a great place for your kids to have an educational science trip. You can also see giant pandas here.

  • Chimelong Paradise, with advanced facilities and designs for all sorts of rides, has become a world-famous amusement park. The eight main theme areas could give your family an amazing experience in Guangzhou.
  • Chimelong International Circus can be a good place for your family to spend your time at night in Guangzhou. The world’s biggest iconic stag, brilliant circus show with the largest number of actors and animals in the show, what you can experience in Chimelong International Circus is so extraordinary.
  • Chimelong Water park, as one of the must-go water parks in the world, is the best place to go with your kids during summer time, especially from March to June. It’s widely welcomed by families with kids because there are plenty of rides designed for children.
  • Guangzhou Birds Park is a natural wetland park in Guangzhou. It is a paradise for wetland plants and animals, and a wonderful place for your family to relax and enjoy the green space and fresh cool air away from the hustle city.

Chimelong International Circus
Chimelong International Circus


3.Chen Clan Academy

Chen Clan Academy is the largest and best-preserved traditional ancestral temple in Guangdong Province, with the most magnificent decoration. Architectures of Chen Clan Academy represent the exquisite folk building art in Guangdong, which is a great place for both you and your kids to enjoy folk art and culture among varieties of wood carvings, brick carvings, stone carvings and sculptures.



4.Yuexiu Park

Yuexiu Park will be a wonderful place for your family to have a leisure time. With the famous Five Ram Sculpture in the park which is another symbol of Guangzhou, Yuexiu Park is the largest park in Guangzhou beloved by local people and tourists, not just because of the beautiful sceneries inside the park. Here in Yuexiu Park, you can get to know the long history and rich culture of Guangzhou through the ancient city wall, Sun Yat-sen Memorial and other historical sites.

Five Ram Sculpture
Five Ram Sculpture


5.Shamian Island

Shamian Island will be another perfect place to enjoy your own family time with your kids. A family tour with kids should be enjoyable and relaxed, you probably don’t want your family vacation too tiring and exhausting. Take a stroll along the tranquil alleys among those historical architectures in baroque style and neo-classical style, you may closely experience the colorful history and culture in this open-air museum. Featured cafés, restaurants are easily to find if your kids get tired or hungry.

Shamian Island
Shamian Island


6.Food Streets

Food in Guangzhou is quite suitable for family with kids. You could either try Canton Morning Tea with your family for different choices of Dim Sum, or taste Sugar Water, which are all children’s favorite. Food streets can put on your family tour plan if you don’t know where to go in Guangzhou with kids. You can go to Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, Beijing Road or Xihua Road for local food and snacks.


Create your Unique Guangzhou Family Tour

If you are looking for a place to entertain and fulfill your cultural and historical tour in China with your kids, Guangzhou is an ideal place for your family. Either of the best things to visit in Guangzhou with kids would give you a reason to visit Guangzhou.

Check details of these tours if you have no idea on how to plan your family vacation in Guangzhou, or cities to connect your family tour in China.


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