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Best Places to Visit in Guilin with Kids

No matter parks for a rest, karst caves for exploration, or food streets for the best local food and souvenirs, Guilin always has one place that attracts you a lot. A family tour in Guilin with your kids will be one of the most unforgettable memories in China. Here we have carefully selected some best places to visit in Guilin with kids, which may help you make a decision on where to go in Guilin with your kids.


1.Two Rivers and Four Lakes

Two Rivers and Four Lakes, as the most important component of gorgeous landscapes in Guilin, should be on the top of your visiting list of Guilin. Taking a cruise will be the best way to visit Two Rivers and Four Lakes, especially at night, when the lights and lanterns are lit up. Besides, strolling around each scenic area with your kids can also be enjoyable.

Two Rivers

Li River
  • the soul of mountain and water sceneries of Guilin
  • section from Guilin to Yangshuo is the highlight of Guilin tour
  • with magnificent view best for cruising and hiking

Taohua River

(Peach Blossom River)

  • tributary of Li River
  • specail route from Elephant Trunk Hill to Reed Flute Cave
  • add more charm to Li River

Li River
Li River


Four Lakes

Ronghu-Shanhu Lake Scenic Area
  • situated at the city center
  • with Sun and Moon Pagodas as the symbol of Guilin
  • extraordinary night view along the side
  • the best free place to take a stroll and get close to local life
Guihu Lake Scenic Area
  • like an expo garden for varieties of famous trees and flowers
  • perfect combination of different gardens and bridges
Mulong Lake Scenic Area
  • the newest lake among the four lakes
  • admire architectures in Song style

Sun and Moon Pagodas
Sun and Moon Pagodas

With the irresistible glamor, Two Rivers and Four Lakes should be your top choice among all the best places to visit in Guilin with kids. Read more details about Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise.


2.Karst Caves

Guilin is not the only place you could see unique karst landscapes and mysterious karst caves, but visiting karst caves in Guilin may give you the best experience. The amazing masterpiece made by the Mother Nature in the artificial lights creates a romantic world for your family to enjoy a great time together. Don’t know which one to visit? See details below to easily make a decision.

Reed Flute Cave
  • the most famous cave in Guilin for more than 1,200 years
  • reputed as “Palace of Natural Art”
  • the most representative karst cave in Guilin
Crown Cave
  • the most numerous ways for sightseeing, including walking, riding on slide inside the cave, sightseeing elevator, mini train, strolling on the floating bridge
  • has the world’s longest electric sightseeing slide
  • mysterious underground river
  • Guilin’s largest comprehensive tourist resort
Silver Cave
  • the largest karst cave in Guilin
  • distinctive sceneries inside the cave
  • poetic rural scenery around the scenic area

Silver Cave
Silver Cave

Actually, all the karst caves share similar characteristics, meanwhile, each cave may have one special reason that attracts you. You don’t have to visit each cave, just choose the one you like the most, more people would like to visit the most famous Reed Flute Cave. But you could consider choosing two caves during your family tour in Guilin, if you have a flexible schedule.



It’s no exaggeration to say that each city has very comfortable parks for families to relax, but you can find no other parks that you can picture such wonderful sceneries as parks in Guilin, which combine mountain, water and karst cave so perfectly. Choosing a park to relax with your kids can be a good way to get close to the local life as well. Among numbers of parks in Guilin, parks recommended below enjoy really high reputation.

Elephant Trunk Hill Park
  • Elephant Trunk Hill is the symbol of Guilin city
  • historical stone carvings from Song Dynasty
  • perfect combination of hill and water
  • famous for more than 1,000 years
Seven Star Park 
  • the largest comprehensive park in Guilin
  • the oldest park with splendid culture
  • beautiful Seven Star Cave inside the park
  • the epitome of marvelous landscapes in Guilin
  • entertaining facilities for kids
Chuanshan Park
  • Chuanshan Cave, the third largest vace in Guilin
  • one of the most beautiful parks in Guilin
  • great autumn view with maple leaves


Elephant Trunk Hill
Elephant Trunk Hill


While planning your family tour to Guilin, do put Elephant Trunk Hill Park on your bucket list, because no one would miss the city badge. Kids may find it really interesting to see the elephant-like hill. For visiting other parks in Guilin, you can decide according to your schedule.



Yangshuo is more famous than Guilin in the world. It is said that natural sceneries in Guilin is the best in China, while landscape in Yangshuo county ranks the top in Guilin. No one would ever miss Yanshuo during a trip in Guilin. Yulong River is what your family shouldn’t miss during your family tour in Yangshuo. Other places like the West Street, Silver Cave and Yangshuo Big Banyan Tree are also worth a visit.

Yangshuo can be a great place for you and your kids to explore county life in Guilin. You can either go cycling around the countryside or hiking with your kids, which are very suitable for families to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sceneries along your way.

Yulong River
Yulong River

Still looking for activity at night? Except for strolling around the West Street, Impression of Liusanjie could be a good choice for your family, you could rest your feet and enjoy the excellent show with your kids.


5.Longji Rice Terraces

Longji Rice Terraces, located in Longsheng county which is 80 kilometers away from Guilin city, may be another must-go place near Guilin. Both the natural landscape and environment are well-protected in Longsheng county, so that you could appreciate the primitive beauty of the rice terraces, and also the unspoiled minority culture in the Zhuang and Yao villages.

Even though views of the Longji Rice Terraces show different kinds of beauty in the four seasons, sceneries in spring and autumn will be the best, especially September, you may feel like entering a fantastic golden world. Want to find the best autumn color with your kids? Just go to Longji Rice Terraces.

Longji Rice Terraces
Longji Rice Terraces


6.Food Streets

Among all the best places to visit in Guilin with kids, food streets should be one on the list. You may find food streets appear in all the guidebooks when you’re searching information for your Guilin family tour plan, and it’s totally true that you won’t regret paying a visit. Local snacks and characteristic souvenirs are easily to find along Zhengyang Pedestrian Street and Xicheng Road Pedestrian Street in downtown Guilin.

You can also go to the Dongxi Alley, the new food street in Guilin which is really popular among tourists recently. You can find many workshops for handicrafts. And don’t miss the West Street in Yangshuo.

West Street
West Street


Enjoy Your Guilin Family Tour with Top China Travel

The picturesque natural sceneries must be the most important reason for you to have a family tour in Guilin with your kids, but Guilin still has some other attractive places for your family to explore. See our tours below for some good ideas for your upcoming Guilin tour.



Read more Guilin Tours and China Family Tours. Please feel free to contact us if you have no ideas how to plan your Guilin family tour. We are happy to help you customize your unforgettable family tour in Guilin with your kids.


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