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Harbin Ice and Snow World


North bank of Songhua River, Songbei District, Harbin 150000, China.

Reasons to visit

The largest ice and snow theme park in the world.

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Opening Hours

  • 9:00a.m.~9:00p.m.

Harbin Ice and Snow World is located the north shore of the Songhua River, near to Harbin Sun Island Tourist Scenic Spots. Covering an area of 800,000 square meters, it is a large comprehensive amusement park, combining ice cartoon, themed snow performances, acrobatics on ice, ice sculpture exhibition and many other art and culture activities.

The best time to visit Harbin Ice and Snow World is from the annual Christmas to the beginning of March next year, when is winter season in the Harbin. You can enjoy the beautiful view of ice sculptures, snow sculptures, ice castle, etc., which is extremely beautiful, especially when all the colored lights are on at night. It would be definitely a visual feast.

You can also enjoy various snow entertainment activities, such as ice slide, ice rock climbing, icy castle mazes, snow fighting, snow football, ice shuffleboard on ice and so on. You can also play ice bikes, snow go-karts, snowmobiles, ski skating, etc., and even snow CS, snow football, ice tug of war and other exiting activities. Most of the projects inside are included in the entrances, and you do not have to pay extra fee for these.

It is suggested to get into the Harbin Ice and Snow World at three or four o'clock in the afternoon, and then have fun playing games or taking part of the ice and snow activities inside. When darkness falls and all the colorful lights are on, the Ice and Snow World will look extremely beautiful. If possible, try to avoid traveling in the Spring Festival and the weekends, when there will be quite a lot of tourists and it likely to lead to spend hours for queuing. Staying in the park for a long time will be very cold, so be sure to wear warm clothing.

Highlights of Harbin Ice and Snow World in 2018

There will be ten main attractions in Ice and Snow World this year. The attraction are themed as "A Date with Harbin ", "Moscow Celebration", "Crown of Ice & Snow", "Mysterious Bangkok", "Milan Garden", "Crossing Kunlun Mountain", "the Light of East Asia", "Mediterranean Adventure", "Kazakh Town" and " Glory of the King ".

South pole penguin could be visited during the ice festival there this year and together there will be some other amazing activities like ice ballet, ice acrobatics, super model shows etc…

Performance Schedule of Harbin Ice and Snow World in 2018

Ice dancing show

Brief introduction: more than 30 performances coming from 30 Ukraine, Russia, Korea etc will present icy magic, figure skating, ice dance etc.
Schedule:17:00~20:30 performing four times every day,each time for 30 minutes.16:00—16:30 17:10—17:40 18:15—18:45 20:00—20:30

Ice Art Model Show

Brief introduction: extremely beautiful models from home and abroad deliver catwalk show etc.
Schedule:17:00~20:00 performing seven times every day,each time for 30 minutes. 17:00 17:30 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00

Ice Sports Technique Show

Brief introduction: outdoor winter sports activities show, mainly delivered by local harbingers who are professional athletes or part-time amateurs. Showing average ice sports level of the people who actually live in this winter wonderland.
Schedule:17:00~19:45 performing four times every day; 17:00—17:15 17:50—18:05 18:45—19:00 19:30—19:45

U-shape Snowboarding Technique Show

Brief introduction: fashion elements of the Harbin ice and snow world festival show, professional snowboarding athletes performance
Schedule:17:00~20:30 performing four times every day; 17:00—17:15 18:00—18:15 19:15—19:30 20:15—20:30

Winter Swimming

Brief introduction: winter swimming professional athletes or amateurs participated.
Schedule:15:30~19:15 performing three times every day; each time 15 minutes;15:30—15:45 17:30—17:45 19:00—19:15

Dancing Program Joined by Everybody

Brief introduction: everybody can join in the stage for a happy moment.
Schedule:18:00~20:15 performing twice every day; each time 30 minutes; 18:00—18:30 19:45—20:15

Ice Celebrity Parade

Brief introduction: Santa Claus, figures from comedies or movies in this fancy icy world.
Schedule:19:00—19:30 perform once every day.

Attention:Schedules above could be adjusted by sponsor according to weather conditions, please confirm with the official tickets office before you purchase the tickets.

Travel Guide

【Chinese name】:哈尔滨冰雪大世界
【Best time to visit】: from December to next February, when is during the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival.
【Recommended time to stay】: 3 to 4 hours
【How to get there】: You may take direct Public Bus No.29 from Zhongyang Pedestrian Street to Harbin Ice and Snow World Station. Or taking a cap to get there is the most convenient way to get there. The place is not far from Harbin downtown.
Open Time】: 5th Jan Every year
【Business Hours】:11:00 to 22:00 every day
【Tickets Fare】: 330 CNY
【Discounted Tickets】: 200 CNY
【On line Tickets】: 310 CNY for daytime
【Tickets for evening】:280 CNY
【Address】: Ice and Snow World site on Sun Island, Harbin, China.(Opposite west to the Sun Island Park)

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