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How to Plan a Trip to Harbin

Reading Guideline:

Why Visit Harbin

Harbin China: Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang, is a big city in northeastern China, famous for snow scenery in winter, Harbin International  and grand ancient buildings. Harbin is one of the best places for winter vacations and ski vacations for Harbin Ice Feestival, Harbin Ice and Snow World, and China Snow Town.

Harbin Highlights: Harbin has famous buildings of western style and Chinese style for you to visit, builds a wonderful ice world to be explored, and prepares many thrilling activities on ice, like skiing, ice-dancing, and snowball fight. In every winter, Harbin has a grand party for Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival in the Sun Island Park, and Harbin Ice Lantern Fair in Zhaolin Park, which are eye-opened to tourists and visitors.

Harbin Location: Harbin is located in Heilongjiang province, northeastern China, and close to Changchun and Shenyang.

Harbin Attraction/ Best Places in Harbin

Harbin Ice and Snow World displays a huge assembly of ice and snow carvings and sculptures, and shows tourists the charming of ice and snow, and its culture in Harbin. In this fantastic and attractive world, you can see all kinds of ice carvings, like grand castles, and beauty sculptures, and those carvings are shining in lights when night comes. Interesting activities like acrobatics, ice bike, snow go-karts, snow-mobiles, ski-skating are prepared for tourists and visitors.

China Snow Town, also named Shuangfeng Forest Farm, is renowned for great white snow scenery. Shuangfeng Forest Farm has a long time period of snowpack, from October to May, and snowpack volume could reach 2 meters. In China Snow Town, you can see snow covers everything and forms lots of shapes due to the covered, and enjoy yourself in this white world.

Saint Sophia Cathedral, is located in Harbin downtown, built by the Russians in 1907. The church is grand, magnificent, and its inside opens to the public as Harbin Architectural Art Gallery.

Zhaolin Park is a tourist site of ice and snow carvings, and every year, it holds Ice  Lantern Fair. In the Fair, tourists and visitors will have a visual feast on those beautiful and amazing carvings.


Preparation for Harbin Tour

Must Bring:

Passport, tourist visa, credit card, mobile phone or other electronics , notes of emergency contact, & numbers of emergency calls.

Don’t forget:

Book a flight, or a train, and maybe book yourself a hotel according to your itinerary.


What to pack:

Clothes, medicine, umbrella, sunglass, flashlight, whistle,& skin care products.

Be aware:

no lighter and knife on flight.

Clothes in different seasons

Spring and Autumn: sweater, coat, long sleeve shirts, trousers, sneakers.

Summer: T-shirt, shorts, sunglasses, hat, sandal, slipper.

Winter: windbreaker, down jacket, woolen hat, mittens, boots.

Harbin Weather Notes: Harbin is a northern city, located in  40°N /113°E. It has a not-so-hot summer, and a cold, dry winter. Its winter days have a temperature of around -15℃(-4℉). Please check Harbin Climate & Weather.


How to Get to Harbin/ Harbin Airport

Harbin is close to the north end of China, about 1230 km to Beijing, and 550 km to Shenyang. Harbin has one airport,three railways station and several bus stations.

By flight. Harbin Taiping International Airport, is in the southwestern Harbin, about 40 km to the downtown. Harbin is such a big city in northeastern China that most other big cities have direct flights to here.

Flight To Harbin Beijing Shanghai Hangzhou Xi’an Chengdu Chongqing Guangzhou Shenzhen
Duration 02:00 03:10 03:20 03:05 03:45 03:55 04:20 04:20

By train. Harbin Railway Station, Harbin East Railway Station, and Harbin West Railway Station are available for tourists and passengers. Most high speed trains go to Harbin West Railway Station, fast trains to Harbin Railway Station. Harbin is very far away from other big cities, so taking a train to Harbin would cost a lot of time, and I recommend airplane to you.

High speed train to Harbin
City Beijing Shenyang Tianjin Shanghai Nanjing
Duration 7 h 2-2.5 h 6-7 h 12.5 h 10.5 h
Price for a  Second-class Seat/ CNY 541.5 247  486 977.5   896


When to Visit Harbin

The best time to visit Harbin is from December to February,  and tourists could go to watch its spectacular winter snow scenery, and join the ice and snow festival.

  • In winter, Harbin Ice and Snow World, Zhaolin Park, China Snow Town and Yabuli Ski Resort are recommended to you.
  • In other time to visit Harbin, natural scenery and historic sites are what you expect. And Saint Sofia Cathedral, Sun Island Park, and Zhongyang Pedestrian Street.


Hong Long to Stay in Harbin

How Many Days in Harbin / How Many Days Harin Needed

One day tour Saint Sofia Cathedral, & Harbin Ice and Snow World
Two day tour Saint Sofia Cathedral, Harbin Ice and Snow World, China Snow Town, & Zhongyang Pedestrian Street
Three day tour Saint Sofia Cathedral, Harbin Ice and Snow World, Yabuli Ski Resort, Zhaolin Park, China Snow Town, & Zhongyang Pedestrian Street

Where to Stay in Harbin/ Harbin Hotel

  • Close to attractions like Sun Island Park and Songhua River: good view and convenient for sightseeing.
  • Close to railway stations: easy for transport
  • Close to Harbin center  like Zhongyang Pedestrian Street: perfect to go out for meal and hang around business streets.


Getting around in Harbin

Taxi available in anytime and anywhere.

Public bus, usually 2 yuan for a ticket.

From Harbin Airport to Harbin downtown, tourists could take an airport shuttle bus, or take a taxi.

To Harbin Ice and Snow World: No. 29 pubic bus passing through Harbin Railway Station.

From Harbin to China Snow Town:  car rental is recommended to you. If you insist on taking a bus, you need to go to Changting town first, then to China Snow Town.


Quick Q & A

Where is Harbin?

Harbin, China is in northeastern China, capital of Heilongjiang.

How is Harbin weather?

Harbin has a really cold and long winter and a short cool summer. In winter, it snows from November to March, with an average day temperature of -15℃(-4℉).

What to drink in Harbin?

Harbin drinks: Harbin beer

What to eat in Harbin?




Harbin red sausage(哈尔滨红肠)

Guobaorou(锅包肉/fried pork)


When is Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 2019? / Harbin Ice Festival Dates?

The date is not officially made, but it is around Christmas.

What are the best ski resorts in Harbin/ Harbin ski resorts?

Yalibu Ski Resort

Jihua Ski Resort


Exclusive Notes,  especially for Solo Travelers

♦ Harbin is cold in Winter. Please prepare warm cloth, like down jacket and snow boots.

♦ Hotel. Book hotel ahead of time, like one month ago, because millions of tourists would go to Harbin during Harbin Ice and Snow Festival.

♦ Easy to go. Travelling on your own in Xi’an won’t be a problem to you, in that  you will find modern facilities and English-speaking staff to meet you need.

♦ English will do. Airport, railway station, metro use both Chinese and English signs, attractions has English-speaking tour guide.S

♦ Smart phone, big helper. Most staff on flights, trains, and in hotels, stores and restaurants can speak English, still body language, and smart phone will do you a big favor.

♦ Useful apps. Google Maps or Baidu Map, Google Translate or Youdao Translate.

♦ VPN. VPN is what you need to browse some foreign websites and log in some foreign apps.

♦ If online booking of flight, train, attraction entrance ticket won’t work, please go to the ticket office.

♦ If you are in need of a single tour service, like car rental, please contact us. We offer tour packages, and also single tour service.