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Harbin Winter Tour Tips


A tour to Harbin will be a different experience than to other cities in China. Here we would like to list some travel tips for your Harbin winter tour preparation.

What is the best time to visit Harbin

► Famous as “a city of ice”, the best time to visit Harbin will be from December to February of the next year. 

► The best of the best time to visit will be around Christmas period because the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is in testing run from Dec 20. And on Jan 5, the festival is officially opened.

► Besides, try to avoid visiting Harbin in Spring Festival period. Because northern Chinese people have an strong idea of the traditional custom in Spring Festival, most of them will visit friends in this moment. So most shops and service agents will close during this moment.

How about the weather in Harbin in winter season

With ice and snow concentrated from December to January, which is the coldest month of the year, with an average high temperature at -13°C and an average low at -25°C.

If you ask local about the temperature, they usually tell you in a short sentence such as “11℃”. If you wear according to 11℃ above freezing, you will make a big mistake! The temperature in Harbin is always in subzero range so the local will leave out the “subzero” word. Actually, because of the weather in northern China, -20℃ in Harbin may be with the same feeling of -5℃ Shanghai.

► See Harbin Climate & Weather to know about the climate situation of Harbin

What to pack for my Harbin winter tour

It is necessary to wear down jackets, woolen pants, thermal underwear, snow boots, hats, scarves and gloves, everything that can keep you warm. Because the weather is very dry, it is suggested that you wear a mask to protect your nose. Try to wear a coat loose enough at the chest to cover and protect your camera to prevent condensation problems and preserve battery power by keeping it relatively warm with your body-heat.

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What to do in my Harbin winter tour

Because you travel to Harbin in winter season, the most recommended things will be attending winter activities. See the following recommendations:
► Skating: it is an exciting activity and you must have a try. Skating on Songhua River will bring you an exotic experience. But you should very careful during the sport, it is a little dangerous if you are a jackaroo.
► Skiing & Snowboarding: spend a day in ski resort in Harbin is a classical choice. For ski resort choosing, we recommend Yabuli Ski Resort which is the best on in China.
► Snow Biking & Ice Sailing: There are many snow bikes and ice-sailings for rent in the park or on the Songhua River.