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How to Keep Warm in Harbin?

Tourists who plan to have a Harbin winter trip may worry about the low temperature there. Actually, because Harbin is one of the most coldest cities in China, the cold-proof facilities will ensure a comfortable condition. Ice city Harbin has bitterly cold winter with average temperature of minus 20-30 ceilus degree. Though houses in Harbin are equipped with central heating system meaning stay warn indoors is not a problem, the wearing code recommended in getting outside in Harbin are:

Upper dressing is ski wear or down jackets & cold-proof underclothes and woolen sweater;

Under dressing is ski pant or woolen under pant.

Waterproof cotton high boots or comfortable shoes and socks for foot can be bought near the venues sites at less than 100 yuan.

For more details, TCT would like to list some suggestions to keep warming in Harbin:

1. If travelers come from subtropic or tropic areas, you can buy fur clothing and cashmeres when arrival Harbin. It is a good way to save money and cut down the weight of luggage in the same time.
*Avoid buy white color clothing because it is hard to discover by drivers on the road or others when you play in the snow ground.

2. Cold-proof coat, shoes, and hat are necessary. A pair of cold-proof shoes or boots is the most important equipment. The ones with light weight and skid resistance will be the best one.

3. When playing outdoors, cotton-made or fur-made hat is necessary. The best one should have ear flaps.

4. Wearing gloves outdoors. Don’t touch metal items with bare hands.

5. When go indoor from the outside, change your clothes timely. Because there may be have a 40 - 50℃ temperature difference, it is easy to catch a cold if you could not adjust your wearing immediately.

6. Harbin in winter is very dry so better to do well preparation for that by carrying hand cream, lip pomade, etc. Drinking enough water in every day is also a great way to protect yourself away from the dry air.

7 Not only keep warming for your body but also take care of your digital products such as camera, mobile phone, etc. Better to avoid using it outdoors. If you need to use digital camera outdoor, cold-proof protection is necessary. Prepare at least 2 sets batteries. When enter into a room from outside, well prepare for keeping the lens away from damp caused by the temperature difference.