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Harbin Winter Dress Tips

What to pack for Harbin in winter
will be one of the most important consideration when have a Harbin winter tour. Here we would like list some tips for your reference:

A Warm Coat

A coat is necessary and essential for travelers. A warm coat which is convenient to take off is a good choice. 
► With cold-proof materials such as fur, leather, feathers, you will have a warm feeling in this place.
► Windproof and waterproof will be the second consideration.
► Long size which is at least covered your waist
► Better to ensure the weight and the size of the coat is suitable for your luggage

Cashmere Inside

Because of the large temperature difference indoors and outdoors, what to wear inside is also a problem. Generally, cashmere and woolen clothing is not a bad choice. Different people may have different situation, so one thing to ensure whether you are dressing suitable or not will be: stay in in the room, you can be comfortable when the window close and not feel cool when the window open.

A Hat with Ear Flaps


You may usually see a traditional Northeastern Chinese style hat that with big ear flaps. When we see the person who wears this kind of hat, we usually call the person “Dong Bei Ren” (东北人, means northeastern Chinese). So this kind of hat is a symbol of them. From the above situation, we also can find what hat we need to carry to Harbin - a fur hat with ear flaps.

A Pair of Waterproof Shoes or Boots

Travel to Harbin, you may step in snowfield in most time. A waterproof boots or shoes will be the first equipment for that. 
► Don’t wear new shoes or boots during the travel time. Once you could not get used of the shoes, you may find your Harbin tour in a depressing experience.
► Bring the shoes which can ensure you to wear a warm socks.
► We suggest you to bring the boots or shoes which can cover your ankles.


► Gloves: picking a high quality gloves. Five-finger glove is convenient when you enjoy the activities on the snowfield.
► Scarf: long scarf with woolen material to protect your neck away from the wind. Just keep in mind the windproof is the first consideration.