Zhejiang Tourism

Since ancient times, Zhejiang, has got the bond reputation "silk and tea house", "the land of fish and rice", "book and holy Buddhist country", " a state with historical relics" due to its long history, splendid culture, beautiful scenery and rich output. Zhejiang is a province with largest tourism resources. Zhejiang tourism development conditions is advantageous, in addition to the glacier sightseeing, the elder snow land, earthquake ruins and the Dan landform, other tourism resources in Zhejiang are from soup to nuts.

Tourism in the urban economic development in the industry, position, and gradually increase the economic role of the tourism industry to boost the urban economy, social employment, driving force, as well as the promotion of the role of culture and the environment becomes increasingly obvious. Tourism is a pillar of China's economic development industries.

On the east of Zhejiang, there is Chinese typical waterside landform. From Hangzhou to Shaoxing and Ningbo area, the paths crisscross in the fields. Zhoushan is a beautiful and spectacular area with islands, mountains and sea scenery. Main attractions are Hangzhou West Lake, Lingyin temple, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Grand Canal; Shaoxing Keyan Scenic Area, Chinese calligraphy shrine Lan Pavilion; China's most ancient library Tianyi Pavilion; Ningbo Fenghua Xikou Town, Tengtou Village, one of the four famous buddhist mountains Putuo Mountain, etc...

On the west of Zhejiang, there are famous mountains and rivers, such as the Qiantang River and Thousand-islet Lake. On the North of Zhejiang, the main attractions are Xitang Water Town, Wuzhen Water Town, and so on. What deserves to be mentioned is the Qiantang River Tidal Bore, which is the unique natural landscape in the Northern Hemisphere, attracting a large number of tourists from home and abroad every year.

Zhejiang Tourism Administration 
Tourism Bureau
Tourism Bureau
No.1 Shihan Road, Hangzhou City, 
Zhejiang Province
0571-96118 85216219 
Hangzhou City
Tourism Bureau
No.228 Yan'an Road, Hangzhou City
0571-96118 87925060 
Huzhou City
Tourism Bureau
No.4 Building in Administration Center 
in No.82 Laodong Road, Huzhou City
Jiaxing City
Tourism Bureau
No.216 Zhongshan Road, Jiaxing City
0573-96118 2159703 
Jinhua City
Tourism Bureau
The 7th floor of the Government Building in 
No.801 Shuanglong South Street, Jinhua City
0579-96118 2471672 
Lishui City
Tourism Bureau
The Government Courtyard in 
No.99 Chengdong Road, Lishui City
0578-96118 2106018
Ningbo City
Tourism Bureau
No.35 Changchun Road, Ningbo City
0574-96118 87291299 
Quzhou City
Tourism Bureau
No.1 Hudie Road, Quzhou City
0570-96118 8878196 
Shaoxing City
Tourism Bureau
No.110 Longshan Houjie, Shaoxing City
Taizhou City
Tourism Bureau
The 16th floor of the Judu Mansion in 
Huangyan District, Taizhou City
Wenzhou City
Tourism Bureau
Administrative Management Center 
in Xiushan Road, Wenzhou City
0577-96118 88967256 
Zhoushan City
Tourism Bureau
No.10 Huancheng East Road, Zhoushan City
0580-96118 2607965 

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