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The Best Places to Visit in Yinchuan

Yinchuan is an ancient city with long history in the north of great wall. It was the capital of Tungunsen(Xixia) Dynasty in Chinese history. It is regarded as the pearl in the north of great wall. People also call it as the land of rice and fish. Therefore, with a unique location, there are many attractions in this area. So what to see when travel to Yinchuan?

Visit Zhenbeipu West Film Studio in Summer

Yinchuan’s summer is not as hot as other cities in inland China. The temperature is just suitable with cool wind. If tourists travel to Yinchuan in summer, they could visit Zhenbeipu West Film Studio. The Film Studio is just located outside Yichuan downtown. It seems primitive, rough and bleak. It was rebuilt by stationary towns of Ming and Qing Dynasty. Therefore, both towns are called Ming City and Qing City. The cities keep the desolate and broken scenes in ancient Northwest China. Besides, there is a street called Old Yinchuan Street, which shows the Yinchuan downtown during the Republic of China. There are many films shot in this film studio. Tourists can wear a costume and take a picture with some props.

Have a leisure fun at Sand Lake in Autumn

Sand Lake is beautiful as its name, with a desert area of 20 square kilo meters and a lake area of more than 40 square kilo meters. The lake just lies on the desert, under the blue sky in Autumn, insisting of a pretty view. Sand Lake is just 38 km away from Yinchuan downtown. It is really rare to find such a large lake in this dry and desert area. In this scenic area, tourists can see International Sand Sculpture Park, Chairman Mao Badge Exhibition Hall, Birds Observation Station, Agriculture Cultivation Museum as well as Wetland Museum. Tourists who visit Sand Lake can ride camel, do sand surfing, ride sand motorbycle, crack sands. There are also many water activities, such as hydroplane, parasailing, self-driving motorboat, ect.

Suyukou Forest Park

Suyukou Forest Park is located about 50 km from Yinchuan downtown, in the Mt. Helan Nature Reserves. The natural view is very beautiful in the park. There are different plants in the mountain and various animails. Tourist could enjoy the pretty view of Mt. Helan.

Xixia Imperial Tombs

Xiaxia Imperial Tombs are located in the west part of Yinchuan city, about 30 km from the downtown. This is a historical and cultural site in your Yinchuan tour itinerary. Xixia Imperial Tombs are regarded as one of the largest-scaled and most completely-preserved imperial tombs in China. People call Xixia Tomb as mysterious wonder and Oriental Pyramid. The best time to visit this place is also from May to October every year. It is suggested to visit for around 3-4 hours.


Shuidonggou is mostly-preserved military defense system of great wall in China. Shuidonggou is also the place where we discover the palaeolithic site earliest in China. It is regarded as the home of prehistoric archaeology in China. In Shuidonggou, tourist could see great wall meandering to the east, the high mound, original castle, ect. Due to the weathering for a long time in Northwest China, it creates unique sceneries here. It opens from 08:00 to 18:00 every day. Tourists are suggested to visit for around 3 hours.

Nanguan Grand Mosque

Since Yichuan is a Muslim inhabitation, it is easy to find mosque in this city. Nanguan Grand Mosque is in Arabic architecture style. It was rebuilt in 1981 and just in the city center of Yinchuan. It is a place for local Muslims to hold religious activities.


4 Days Tour to Yinchuan & Zhongwei
Attractions: Western Xia Tombs, Helan Mountains Rock Caving, Chengtiansi Pagoda, 108 Buddhist Pagodas, Shapotou Scenic Area, Ningxia Museum, Nanguan Mosque

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