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Sand Lake Tourist Area


Pingluo County, China

Reasons to visit

Visitors can take cruise, camel riding, sand surfing and admire the desert landscape here

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  • 08:00 - 17:00
Sand Lake Tourist Area (Chinese name: 沙湖风景区), lies 56 kilometers away from the northwest of Yinchuan, bordered on the east by the Yellow River, and on the west by the Helan Mountain, is really a great mixture of desert and water.

It covers an area of above 80 square kilometers, which consists of about 22 square kilometers of desert and about 45 square kilometers of lakes. There is bathing beach in the middle of the lake; and the Sand Hill sits towards its south, while the fishing area sits towards its north.


Because of its unique natural scenery, Sand Lake, one of the well-liked tourist attractions in northwest China, attracts a large number of tourists from home and abroad. Also, it gives tourists a lot of amusive chances, like sliding down the dunes, wind surfing and water-motorcycling. Nowadays, it has become a significant tourism destination in China.

It features in beautiful natural landscapes with collection of sand, hill, reed, water and bird; forming a scenic pearl combined China’s lush southern-type view and the northern-frontier scene as a whole.

Towards the south of the lake, the vast desert presents its magnificence and broadness for you. Well-trained camels as well as the ships of the desert will take you deep to the desert to enjoy the natural sceneries as well as discover the mystery you have never known.

The reed marshes in the lake tend to be a natural habitat for about 140 species, totally about 100,000 animals. This area is really a dreamland world. Sometimes wild ducks was following the boat as if to protect the tourists. After enjoying the wonderful scenery, tourists can choose to swim in the water or go fishing near the bank. While lying on the tender bed of sand, tourists have the chances to enjoy a sunbath on the beach. You can also have sand skiing on the Sand Hill, which lies in the south of the lake.

Every spring and autumn, there are more than one million migratory birds staying at the Sand Lake; here is really a paradise for birds in China. A lot of rare species are among them, like mandarin ducks, wild ducks, swans, red-crowned cranes, black cranes, white cranes, etc… Also, during that time, Sand Lake is really an ideal place for birdwatchers.

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