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Tibet Religion

Tibet is called as a holy land of the religions. Most of the Tibetans believe in Buddhism and Bon. The Tibetan people are very faithful: Their oldest religion is Bon, after that the Buddhism has been spread. Nowadays, most of the people in Tibet are Lamaists. This religion is a blend of the Bon and the Buddhism. And a small part of them believe in Catholicism. While the Muslims in Tibet area are the followers of the Islamism.

Tibetan Buddhism is a form of Mahayana Buddhism that developed in Tibet and spread to neighboring countries of the Himalayas. Tibetan Buddhism is known for its rich mythology and iconography and for the practice of identifying the reincarnations of deceased spiritual masters. The oldest religion in Tibet is not the Buddhism, Bon Religion is the mother of all the Tibetan religions. About the bon-religion and its beginning isn't known much. Bon culture was spread in Tibet by Tanpa Sherap, who came from Tazig. There are different stories about Tanpa Sherap coming to Tibet and spreading his religion. In this page, please follow Top China Travel to get more knowledge of Tibetan religions.